Author: John Iceland
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: handbook, america, poverty
Number of Pages: 223
Published: 2006-02-06
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0520248414
ISBN-13: 9780520248410

In a remarkably concise, readable, and accessible format, John Iceland provides a comprehensive picture of poverty in America, He shows how poverty is measured and understood and how it has changed over time, as well as how public policies have grappled with poverty as a political issue and an economic reality. This edition has been updated and includes a new preface.

Authors:Kitty Calavita, Henry N. Pontell, Robert Tillman,
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: loan, crisis, savings, politics, crime, fraud, money
Number of Pages: 281
Published: 1997-11-01
List price: $38.00
ISBN-10: 0520208560
ISBN-13: 9780520208568

At a cost of $500 billion to American taxpayers, the savings and loan debacle of the 1980s was the worst financial crisis of the twentieth century as well as a crime unparalleled in American history. Yet the vast majority of its perpetrators will never be prosecuted, and those who were have received minimal sentences. In the first in-depth scrutiny of the ways and means of this disaster, this groundbreaking book comes to disturbing conclusions about the deliberate nature of this financial fraud, the political collusion involved, and the leniency of the criminal justice system in dealing with t

Author: Jennifer Robertson
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: modern, japan, culture, popular, sexual, politics, takarazuka
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 1998-07-21
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0520211510
ISBN-13: 9780520211513

Founded in 1913 as a counterpart to the all-male Kabuki theater, the all-female Takarazuka Revue is world-famous today for its rococo musical productions and fanatically devoted fans. Anthropologist Jennifer Robertson draws from over a decade of research to explore how the Revue illuminates popular culture in 20th-century Japan. 29 photos.

Author: Tyler Colman
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: influence, wines, drink, critics, mobsters, politics, governments, environmentalists, wine
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2008-07-14
List price: $27.50
ISBN-10: 0520255216
ISBN-13: 9780520255210

After reading this intriguing book, a glass of wine will be more than hints of blackberries or truffles on the palate. Written by the author of the popular, award-winning website, Wine Politics exposes a little-known but extremely influential aspect of the wine business--the politics behind it. Tyler Colman systematically explains how politics affects what we can buy, how much it costs, how it tastes, what appears on labels, and more. He offers an insightful comparative view of wine-making in Napa and Bordeaux, tracing the different paths American and French wines take as they trave

Author: David P. Gardner
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: university, president, american, memoirs, degree, earning
Number of Pages: 452
Published: 2005-03-21
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 0520241835
ISBN-13: 9780520241831

David Pierpont Gardner was president of one of the world’s most distinguished centers of higher learning-the nine-campus University of California-from 1983 to 1992. In this remarkably candid and lively memoir he provides an insider’s account of what it was like for a very private, reflective man to live an extremely public life as leader of one of the most complex and controversial institutions in the country. Earning My Degree is a portrait of uncommon leadership and courage and a chronicle of how these traits shaped a treasured, and sometimes mystifying, American institution. B

Author: Mark Metzler
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: japan, twentieth, century, emergence, power, world, prewar, liberalism, international, empire, gold, standard, crisis, lever
Number of Pages: 396
Published: 2006-03-13
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 0520244206
ISBN-13: 9780520244207

This book, the first full account of Japan’s financial history and the Japanese gold standard in the pivotal years before World War II, provides a new perspective on the global political dynamics of the era by placing Japan, rather than Europe, at the center of the story. Focusing on the fall of liberalism in Japan in late 1931 and the global politics of money that were at the center of the crisis, Mark Metzler asks why successive Japanese governments from 1920 to 1931 carried out policies that deliberately induced deflation and depression. His search for answers stretches from Edo to Lo

Author: Andrew Gordon
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: history, japan, postwar
Number of Pages: 563
Published: 1993-10-20
List price: $28.95
ISBN-10: 0520074750
ISBN-13: 9780520074750

Japan’s catapult to world economic power has inspired many studies by social scientists, but few have looked at the 45 years of postwar Japan through the lens of history. The contributors to this book seek to offer such a view. As they examine three related themes of postwar history, the authors describe an ongoing historical process marked by unexpected changes, such as Japan’s extraordinary economic growth, and unanticipated continuities, such as the endurance of conservative rule. A provocative set of interpretative essays by eminent scholars, this book will appeal to anyone int
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