Authors:Terry Halpin, Tony Morgan,
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: series, data, management, systems, kaufmann, morgan, modeling, relational, databases, second, information
Number of Pages: 976
Published: 2008-03-07
List price: $74.95
ISBN-10: 0123735688
ISBN-13: 9780123735683

Information Modeling and Relational Databases, second edition, provides an introduction to ORM (Object-Role Modeling)and much more. In fact, it is the only book to go beyond introductory coverage and provide all of the in-depth instruction you need to transform knowledge from domain experts into a sound database design. This book is intended for anyone with a stake in the accuracy and efficacy of databases: systems analysts, information modelers, database designers and administrators, and programmers. Terry Halpin, a pioneer in the development of ORM, blends conceptual information with practic

Authors:Michael Guttman, John Parodi,
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: driven, architecture, omg, press, model, problems, life, mda, solving, business, real
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2006-12-19
List price: $51.95
ISBN-10: 0123705924
ISBN-13: 9780123705921

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is a new approach to software development that helps companies manage large, complex software projects and save development costs while allowing new technologies that come along to be readily incorporated. Although it is based on many long-standing industry precepts and best practices, such as UML, it is enough of a departure from traditional IT approaches to require some "proof of the pudding." Real-Life MDA is composed of six case studies of real companies using MDA that will furnish that proof. The authors’ approach MDA projects by describing all aspect

Author: E. R. Davies
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: signal, processing, applications, practicalities, algorithms, vision, theory, machine
Number of Pages: 934
Published: 2004-12-22
List price: $87.95
ISBN-10: 0122060938
ISBN-13: 9780122060939

In the last 40 years, machine vision has evolved into a mature field embracing a wide range of applications including surveillance, automated inspection, robot assembly, vehicle guidance, traffic monitoring and control, signature verification, biometric measurement, and analysis of remotely sensed images. While researchers and industry specialists continue to document their work in this area, it has become increasingly difficult for professionals and graduate students to understand the essential theory and practicalities well enough to design their own algorithms and systems. This book directl

Authors:Steve Williams, Nancy Williams,
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: intelligence, business, impact, profit
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 2006-12-19
List price: $41.95
ISBN-10: 0123724996
ISBN-13: 9780123724991

Business Intelligence (BI): It’s not just a technology. It’s not just a methodology. It’s a powerful new management approach that - when done right - can deliver knowledge, efficiency, better decisions, and profit to almost any organization that uses it.When BI first came on the scene, it promised a lot but often failed to deliver. The missing element was the business-centric focus explained in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence. Written by BI gurus Steve Williams and Nancy Williams, The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence shows step by step how you can achieve the

Author: Gottfried Vossen; Stephan Hagemann
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: creativity, concepts, web, unleashing
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 2007-07-27
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 0123740347
ISBN-13: 9780123740342

The emergence of Web 2.0 is provoking challenging questions for developers: What products and services can our company provide to customers and employees using Rich Internet Applications, mash-ups, Web feeds or Ajax? Which business models are appropriate and how do we implement them? What are best practices and how do we apply them? If you need answers to these and related questions, you need this book-a comprehensive and reliable resource that guides you into the emerging and unstructured landscape that is Web 2.0.Gottfried Vossen is a professor of Information Systems and Computer Science

Author: Tim Weilkiens
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: omg, press, design, analysis, modeling, engineering, sysml, uml, systems
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2008-02-15
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 0123742749
ISBN-13: 9780123742742

UML, the Universal Modeling Language, was the first language designed to fulfill the requirement for "universality." However, it is a software-specific language, and does not support the needs of engineers designing from the broader systems-based perspective. Therefore, SysML was created. It has been steadily gaining popularity, and many companies, especially in the heavily-regulated Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device and Telecomms industries, are already using SysML, or are plannning to switch over to it in the near future. However, little information is currently available on the

Authors:Graeme Simsion, Graham Witt,
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: third, essentials, modeling, data
Number of Pages: 560
Published: 2004-11-18
List price: $70.95
ISBN-10: 0126445516
ISBN-13: 9780126445510

Data Modeling Essentials, Third Edition provides expert tutelage for data modelers, business analysts and systems designers at all levels. Beginning with the basics, this book provides a thorough grounding in theory before guiding the reader through the various stages of applied data modeling and database design. Later chapters address advanced subjects, including business rules, data warehousing, enterprise-wide modeling and data management. The third edition of this popular book retains its distinctive hallmarks of readability and usefulness, but has been given significantly expanded cov
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