Author: Scott A. Bonar
Publisher: Island Press
Keywords: people, working, guide, professional, conservation
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2007-06-11
List price: $50.00
ISBN-10: 1597261475
ISBN-13: 9781597261470

Successful natural resource management is much more than good science; it requires working with landowners, meeting deadlines, securing funding, supervising staff, and cooperating with politicians. The ability to work effectively with people is as important for the conservation professional as it is for the police officer, the school teacher, or the lawyer. Yet skills for managing human interactions are rarely taught in academic science programs, leaving many conservation professionals woefully unprepared for the daily realities of their jobs. Written in an entertaining, easy-to-read style, Th

Authors:Robert Burchell, Anthony Downs, Sahan Mukherji, Barba
Publisher: Island Press
Keywords: unchecked, development, impacts, economic, costs, sprawl
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2005-06-29
List price: $27.50
ISBN-10: 1559635304
ISBN-13: 9781559635301

The environmental impacts of sprawling development have been well documented, but few comprehensive studies have examined its economic costs. In 1996, a team of experts undertook a multi-year study designed to provide quantitative measures of the costs and benefits of different forms of growth. Sprawl Costs presents a concise and readable summary of the results of that study.The authors analyze the extent of sprawl, define an alternative, more compact form of growth, project the magnitude and location of future growth, and compare what the total costs of those two forms of growth would be if e

Author: Terry Tamminen
Publisher: Island Press
Keywords: oil, addiction, cost, true, per, gallon, lives
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2006-10-02
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 1597261017
ISBN-13: 9781597261012

How much would you pay for a gallon of gas? $2.50? $10.00? Would you pay with the health of your lungs or with years taken from your lifespan? The infamous "pain at the pump" runs much deeper than our wallets, argues Terry Tamminen, former Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and current Special Assistant to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Petroleum may power our cars and heat our homes, but it also contributes to birth defects and disorders like asthma and emphysema, not to mention cancer. In Lives Per Gallon, Tamminen takes a hard look at these and other hea

Author: Environmental Careers Organization
Publisher: Island Press
Keywords: careers, environmental, world, organization, sustainable, work, difference, eco, guide
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2004-11-29
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 1559639679
ISBN-13: 9781559639675

Developed by The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO, the creators of the popular Complete Guide to Environmental Careers), this new volume is unlike any careers book you’ve seen before. Reaching far beyond job titles and resume tips, The ECO Guide immerses you in the strategies and tactics that leading edge professionals are using to tackle pressing problems and create innovative solutions. To bring you definitive information from the real world of environmental problem-solving, The ECO Guide has engaged some of the nation’s most respected experts to explain the issues an

Author: Diana H. Wall
Publisher: Island Press
Keywords: problems, committee, environment, scope, series, scientific, sediments, biodiversity, ecosystem, services, soils, sustaining
Number of Pages: 275
Published: 2004-11-19
List price: $40.00
ISBN-10: 1559637609
ISBN-13: 9781559637602

Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Soils and Sediments brings together the world’s leading ecologists, systematists, and evolutionary biologists to present scientific information that integrates soil and sediment disciplines across terrestrial, marine, and freshwater ecosystems. It offers a framework for a new discipline, one that will allow future scientists to consider the linkages of biodiversity below-surface, and how biota interact to provide the essential ecosystemservices needed for sustainable soils and sediments.Contributors consider key-questions regarding soils

Author: Darrin Nordahl
Publisher: Island Press
Keywords: agriculture, urban, new, produce, public
Number of Pages: 200
Published: 2009-09-23
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 1597265888
ISBN-13: 9781597265881

Public Produce makes a uniquely contemporary case not for central government intervention, but for local government involvement in shaping food policy. In what Darrin Nordahl calls “municipal agriculture,” elected officials, municipal planners, local policymakers, and public space designers are turning to the abundance of land under public control (parks, plazas, streets, city squares, parking lots, as well as the grounds around libraries, schools, government offices, and even jails) to grow food. Public agencies at one time were at best indifferent about, or at worst dismissive of, food p

Author: Dave Foreman
Publisher: Island Press
Keywords: conservation, century, vision, america, north, rewilding
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 2004-07-01
List price: $29.50
ISBN-10: 1559630612
ISBN-13: 9781559630610

Dave Foreman is one of North America’s most creative and effective conservation leaders, an outspoken proponent of protecting and restoring the earth’s wildness, and a visionary thinker. Over the past 30 years, he has helped set direction for some of our most influential conservation organizations, served as editor and publisher of key conservation journals, and shared with readers his unique style and outlook in widely acclaimed books including The Big Outside and Confessions of an Eco-Warrior.In Rewilding North America, Dave Foreman takes on arguably the biggest ecological thre
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