Authors:J. A. Miller, R. E. Holdsworth, I. S. Buick, M. Hand,
Publisher: Geological Society of London
Keywords: special, publication, society, geological, reactivation, reworking, continental
Number of Pages: 450
Published: 2001-10
List price: $190.00
ISBN-10: 1862390800
ISBN-13: 9781862390805

This major revision takes place 38 years after the publication of the first edition. This volume in the second edition of the series Rock-forming Minerals is devoted entirely to the feldspar minerals. The text has been completely re-written and very much expanded,incorporating the advances in knowledge and understanding arising from the new and improved techniques for the study of minerals that have developed over the decades between editions. The authors have maintained the general approach used in the other volumes, summarising important research results and presenting them in an organised f

Author: K Pye and D Croft
Publisher: Geological Society of London
Keywords: society, special, publication, geological, applications, geoscience, principles, techniques, forensic
Number of Pages: 318
Published: 2004-01-01
List price: $180.00
ISBN-10: 1862391610
ISBN-13: 9781862391611

Forensic geoscience is an increasingly important sub-discipline within geoscience and forensic science. Although minerals, soils, dusts and rock fragments have been used as forensic trace evidence for many years, their true potential has only begun to be recognized in the last ten years or so. The police and other investigative bodies are keen to encourage such developments in the fight against crime, particularly since many criminals show a high level of forensic awareness with regard to evidence such as fingerprints, blood and other body fluids. The papers in this volume illustrate some of t

Author: G. I. Alsop
Publisher: Geological Society of London
Keywords: society, special, publication, geological, zones, processes, faults, shear, flow
Number of Pages: 379
Published: 2004-01-01
List price: $210.00
ISBN-10: 186239153X
ISBN-13: 9781862391536

Faults and their deeper level equivalents, shear zones, are localized regions of intense deformation within the Earth. They are recognized at all scales from micro to plate boundary, and are important examples of the nature of heterogeneous deformation in natural rocks. Faults and shear zones are significant as they profoundly influence the location, architecture and evolution of a broad range of geological phenomena. The topography and bathymetry of the Earth’s surface is marked by mountain belts and sedimentary basins which are controlled by faults and shear zones. In addition faults a

Authors:R. D. Law, R. W. H. Butler, R. E. Holdsworth, M. Krab
Publisher: Geological Society Of London
Keywords: special, publication, geological, society, horne, peach, tectonics, mountain, building, legacy, continental
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2010-07-15
List price: $320.00
ISBN-10: 1862393001
ISBN-13: 9781862393004

The worlds mountain ranges are the clearest manifestations of long-term deformation of the continental crust. As such they have attracted geological investigations for centuries. Throughout this long history of research a few keynote publications stand out. One of the most important is the Geological Surveys 1907 Memoir on The Geological Structure of the North-West Highlands of Scotland. The Memoir summarized some of the Geological Survey’s finest work, and outlined many of the principles of field-based structural and tectonic analysis that have subsequently guided generations of geologi

Authors:Spencer G. Lucas, Spencer G. Lucas, Giuseppe Cassini
Publisher: Geological Society of London
Keywords: special, publication, society, geological, biochronology, marine, permian, biostratigraphy, non
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2006-12-15
List price: $170.00
ISBN-10: 1862392064
ISBN-13: 9781862392069

During the Permian, the single supercontinent Pangaea stretched from pole to pole. Early Permian glacial deposits are found in southern Gondwana. Along the sutures of Pangaea, mountain ranges towered over vast tropical lowlands. Interior areas included dry deserts where dune sands accumulated. Gypsum and halite beds document the evaporation of hot, shallow seas that formed the most extensive salt deposits known in the geological record. The Permian Period (251 to 299 Ma) encompasses nine ages (stages) arranged into three epochs (series). Most of the Permian marine timescale has been defined by

Authors:William Alexander Deer, R. A. Howie, J. Zussman,
Publisher: Geological Society of London
Keywords: minerals, forming, rock, orthosilicates
Number of Pages: 932
Published: 1982-11-01
List price: $190.00
ISBN-10: 1897799888
ISBN-13: 9781897799888

A second edition, in two parts, of Volume 1 of this well-known reference series. This volume deals mainly with the olivine and garnet groups and also the humite group, zircon, sphene, vesuvianite, the Al2SiO5 (including mullite), topaz, staurolite and chloritoid. The disilicates and ring-silicates are covered in Volume 1B. In the years since the first edition was published, the quantity and scope of research on the olivines, garnets and the aluminosilicates has grown enormously and has given rise to a wide variety of literature. This book, which has been completely rewritten and considerably e

Authors:Baines, Worden,
Publisher: Geological Society of London
Keywords: special, publication, dioxide, carbon, storage, geological
Number of Pages: 255
Published: 2004-01-01
List price: $170.00
ISBN-10: 1862391637
ISBN-13: 9781862391635

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main compound identified as affecting the stability of the Earth’s climate. A significant reduction in the volume of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere is a key mechanism for mitigating climate change. Geological storage of CO2, or the injection and long-term stabilization of large volumes of CO2 in the subsurface in saline aquifers, in existing hydrocarbon reservoirs or in unmineable coal seams, is one of the more technologically advanced options available. A number of studies have been carried out and are reported here. They are aimed at understandin
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