Author: MCM .
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: apples, panda
Number of Pages: 32
Published: 2008-07-16
List price: $8.99
ISBN-10: 1438251726
ISBN-13: 9781438251721

When Owen’s second cousin Panda comes to visit, everyone thinks he’s a quiet, shy little fellow. But once snack time rolls around and Panda gets his hands on some fruit, things go very, very wrong! Every time Panda goes crazy at snack time, Owen faces losing another one of his favourite snacks to an irrational ban... pretty soon, he’ll only being able to eat lima beans, rutabagas and smelly eggplants and nothing else! Something must be done! "Panda Apples" is a funny childrens’ book about a little bear’s quest to make his nutty life a little more normal agai

Authors:Charles Austin Beard, Mary Ritter Beard,
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: states, united, history
Number of Pages: 608
Published: 2008-12-17
List price: $19.99
ISBN-10: 1440489874
ISBN-13: 9781440489877

Charles Austin Beard (November 27, 1874 - September 1, 1948) was an American historian. He published hundreds of monographs, textbooks and interpretive studies in both history and political science. His works included radical re-evaluation of the Founding Fathers of the United States, whom he believed were more motivated by economics than by philosophical principles. This textbook from 1921 is still today one of the most interesting history books about the United States.

Author: Congressional Budget Office
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: cbo, study, forces, fighter, modernizing, alternatives
Number of Pages: 72
Published: 2009-05-15
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1448681014
ISBN-13: 9781448681013

This Congressional Budget Office study looks at today’s fighter fleets and how DoD plans for modernizing them will affect inventories and capabilities over the next decades. It examines seven alternative paths. The study points to these general conclusions: (1) If realized, the services’ goals for modernizing their fighters would increase capability over that of today’s. (2) Under DoD’s procurement plans, fighter inventories are likely to fall below the services’ stated goals in the coming years. (3) Alternative approaches that include purchasing upgraded versions

Author: James A. Swanso
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: gop, war, iraq, america, bribed, bullied, league, nations, coalition, unwilling, bush
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2008-04-25
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1438211953
ISBN-13: 9781438211954

With hard analysis and good humor, the author exposes the Coalition of the Willing as a rightwing myth to deceive Americans while the neo-GOP wages war on Iraq and America. Includes 3 plans: 1) "Withdraw from Iraq and Win in Afghanistan;" 2) "An International Plan;" and 3) "Support Our Troops." Includes analysis of the so-called coalition and the 50+ nations shamelessly claimed to be members. Topics include: the just war principles; corporate mercenaries in Iraq; the warmongering role of neocons and Big Media; GOP corruption in America and Iraq; treason and crimes against humanity; and GOP too

Author: Liam Scanla
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: traffic, website, volume, drive, free, magnet, web, things
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 2008-08-12
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1438263074
ISBN-13: 9781438263076

This is the practical, website "do-it-yourself" manual for the rest of us. Visitors are the life blood of every website. If you are wondering how to drive traffic to your website, this book offers 55 Actions you can take - explained so that anyone can understand them - to get your website to the top of search results. The author assumes you don’t want to spend a dollar more on your website until you see results, and that you don’t have a deeply technical background, but still wish to understand what every business owner needs to know about how search engines work. Whether you are a

Author: William Jame
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: human, nature, study, experience, religious, varieties
Number of Pages: 284
Published: 2009-11-09
List price: $9.75
ISBN-10: 1439297274
ISBN-13: 9781439297278

"I am neither a theologian, nor a scholar learned in the history of religions, nor an anthropologist. Psychology is the only branch of learning in which I am particularly versed. To the psychologist the religious propensities of man must be at least as interesting as any other of the facts pertaining to his mental constitution. It would seem, therefore, as a psychologist, the natural thing for me would be to invite you to a descriptive survey of those religious propensities." When William James went to the University of Edinburgh in 1901 to deliver a series of lectures on "natural religion,"

Author: Chuck Hellebuyck
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: hitech, picc, lite, compiler, microcontroller, pic, guide, embedded, programming, using, beginner
Number of Pages: 202
Published: 2008-05-25
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 1438231598
ISBN-13: 9781438231594

The C language has been covered in many books but none as dedicated to the embedded microcontroller beginner as the Beginner’s Guide to Embedded C Programming. Through his down to earth style of writing Chuck Hellebuyck delivers a step by step introduction to learning how to program microcontrollers with the C language. In addition he uses a powerful C compiler that the reader can download for free in a series of hands on projects with sample code so you can learn right along with him. For the hardware he found the best low cost but effective development starter kit that includes a PIC16
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