Author: Remy Presas
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Keywords: fighting, art, filipino, arnis, modern
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 1983-06-01
List price: $16.00
ISBN-10: 089750089X
ISBN-13: 9780897500890

In Modern Arnis: The Filipino Art of Stick Fighting, Remy Presas covers a variety of preparatory stretches and warm-up exercises, the 12-zone striking and defense systems, hand-to-hand combat ("trapping hands"), flow-practice drills, sinawali and redonda. In this 160-page, fully illustrated text, Presas simplifies some of his teachings in order to give novices a tangible amount of self-defense skill through specific drills. For example, the sinawali is taught without sticks, in empty-hand fashion, to illustrate how its weaving motions can be easily translated into empty-hand

Author: Bruce Lee
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Keywords: advanced, techniques, vol, method, lee’s, fighting, bruce
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 1977-12-01
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 0897500539
ISBN-13: 9780897500531

This book presents the advanced techniques. Chapters include hand techniques, attacks with kicks, counters, tactics. Fully illustrated BEST SELLER!

Author: Tadashi Yamashita
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Keywords: defense, weapons, japanese, tonfa, advanced
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 1987-12-01
List price: $19.00
ISBN-10: 0897501179
ISBN-13: 9780897501170

In this definitive book on the advanced techniques of the tonfa, weapons expert Yamashita covers gripping, flipping, blocking, striking, block and counter, a karate kata adapted for tonfa, kumite, self-defense and a traditional tonfa kata. Fully illustrated.

Author: Fumio Demura
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Keywords: links, orient, literary, defense, karate, weapon, sai
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 1974-08-01
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 0897500105
ISBN-13: 9780897500104

This fully illustrated book covers gripping, flipping, stances, blocks, karate and sai similarities, movements and footwork, combinations and sparring. Demura is an expert in traditional karate weapons and an international ambassador of karate.

Author: Hayward Nishioka
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Keywords: soul, heart, judo
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2000-12-01
List price: $14.00
ISBN-10: 0897501373
ISBN-13: 9780897501378

In this collection of vignettes from the Black Belt Hall of Fame member (1968, Judo Competitor of the Year and 1977, Judo Instructor of the Year) and judo champion (Pan-American Games gold medal, AAU Nationals grand champion, National Masters champion), Hayward Nishioka shares memories of his glory days and explains how the positive qualities of judo practice and competition changed his life. He also gives you training tips and competition advice. Fully illustrated.

Author: Stephen Hayes
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Keywords: warrior, night, legacy, volume, ninja
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 1984-11-01
List price: $19.00
ISBN-10: 0897501020
ISBN-13: 9780897501026

The ancient combat techniques of flowing action; the subtle energy of hands; the fighting methods of the kunoichi (the female ninja); the unique sensitivity training to develop fighting intuition—all these are explained by Stephen K. Hayes, the first non-Japanese ever awarded the title of shidoshi (teacher of the warrior ways of enlightenment), in his fourth fully-illustrated volume for Black Belt Books. 192 pgs.

Author: Bong Soo Han
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
Keywords: korean, series, arts, art, hapkido, defense
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 1974-09-01
List price: $15.00
ISBN-10: 0897500113
ISBN-13: 9780897500111

Here is the first complete book in English on hapkido, the kick-oriented Korean martial art. Included are warm-up exercises, basic fighting position, punching and striking, blocks and kicks, and hapkido defenses. Illustrated with more than 500 dynamic photographs.
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