Author: Peter C. Hodgson
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: lectures, hegel, volume, one, philosophy, religion
Number of Pages: 570
Published: 2006-12-28
List price: $55.00
ISBN-10: 0199283524
ISBN-13: 9780199283521

This one-volume edition of the definitive English translation of Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion presents the full text and footnotes of the most mature and accessible of these lectures, those of 1827. The great philosopher discusses the concept of religion, Oriental religions and Judaism, Christology, the Trinity, the God-world relationship, and many other topics.

Author: Stephen J. Greenblatt
Publisher: Clarendon Press
Keywords: lectures, clarendon, carpenter, paperbacks, world, possessions, wonder, new, marvelous
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 1992-10-29
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0198122667
ISBN-13: 9780198122661

Author: Werner Ballmann
Publisher: European Mathematical Society
Keywords: lectures, physics, mathematics, manifolds, khler, esi
Number of Pages: 182
Published: 2006-07-15
List price: $44.00
ISBN-10: 3037190256
ISBN-13: 9783037190258

These notes are based on lectures the author gave at the University of Bonn and the Erwin Schrödinger Institute in Vienna. The aim is to give a thorough introduction to the theory of Kähler manifolds with special emphasis on the differential geometric side of Kähler geometry. The exposition starts with a short discussion of complex manifolds and holomorphic vector bundles and a detailed account of the basic differential geometric properties of Kähler manifolds. The more advanced topics are the cohomology of Kähler manifolds, Calabi conjecture, Gromov’s Kähler hyperbolic

Author: Iskander A. Taimanov
Publisher: European Mathematical Society
Keywords: lectures, mathematics, series, geometry, differential, ems
Number of Pages: 219
Published: 2008-04-15
List price: $44.00
ISBN-10: 3037190507
ISBN-13: 9783037190500

Differential geometry studies geometrical objects using analytical methods. Like modern analysis itself, differential geometry originates in classical mechanics. For instance, geodesics and minimal surfaces are defined via variational principles and the curvature of a curve is easily interpreted as the acceleration with respect to the path length parameter. Modern differential geometry in its turn strongly contributed to modern physics. This book gives an introduction to the basics of differential geometry, keeping in mind the natural origin of many geometrical quantities, as well as the appli

Author: Sergey V. Matveev
Publisher: European Mathematical Society
Keywords: lectures, mathematics, series, topology, algebraic, ems
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 2006-04-15
List price: $34.00
ISBN-10: 303719023X
ISBN-13: 9783037190234

Algebraic topology is the study of the global properties of spaces by means of algebra. It is an important branch of modern mathematics with a wide degree of applicability to other fields, including geometric topology, differential geometry, functional analysis, differential equations, algebraic geometry, number theory, and theoretical physics. This book provides an introduction to the basic concepts and methods of algebraic topology for the beginner. It presents elements of both homology theory and homotopy theory, and includes various applications. The author’s intention is to rely on

Author: Michael D. Whinston
Publisher: The MIT Press
Keywords: lectures, cairoli, antitrust, economics
Number of Pages: 264
Published: 2008-03-31
List price: $18.00
ISBN-10: 0262731878
ISBN-13: 9780262731874

Antitrust law regulates economic activity but differs in its operation from what is traditionally considered "regulation." Where regulation is often industry-specific and involves the direct setting of prices, product characteristics, or entry, antitrust law focuses more broadly on maintaining certain basic rules of competition. In these lectures Michael Whinston offers an accessible and lucid account of the economics behind antitrust law, looking at some of the most recent developments in antitrust economics and highlighting areas that require further research. He focuses on three areas: pric

Author: Abraham Kuyper
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
Keywords: lectures, stone, calvinism
Number of Pages: 200
Published: 2007-10-15
List price: $11.75
ISBN-10: 1602068402
ISBN-13: 9781602068407

This series of lectures was delivered by Abraham Kuyper at the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1898. Over the course of the lectures, he discusses Calvinism and the way it pertains to many aspects of life including politics, science, and art. According to Kuyper, Calvinism has a natural affinity for scientific investigation, because like scientific inquiry, Calvinism seeks to unify the cosmos under universal laws. Predestination, he says, proves that a set of laws exist to govern the world, and science is merely trying to figure them out. When it comes to art, Kuyper launches into a defen
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