Author: Erik Van Praag
Publisher: Paraview Special Editions
Keywords: wisdom, life, work, spiritual, leadership
Number of Pages: 344
Published: 2004-08-01
List price: $23.95
ISBN-10: 1931044880
ISBN-13: 9781931044882

"There is a harrowing lack of leadership in the world." With this simple statement Erik van Praag opens up a world of spiritual wisdom for leaders. Not a do-it-yourself book with quick remedies, van Praag’s SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP focuses on the philosophical and metaphysical issues that underlie the difficulties faced by most leaders -- difficulties such as developing a vision, inspiring others, communicating effectively, listening to and acting on one’s inner promptings, and maintaining a healthy balance between leading others and being led by them. To find solutions, van Praag draws upo

Author: Edward Hoffman
Publisher: Citadel
Keywords: wisdom, volume, library, jung, carl
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 2003-02-01
List price: $12.00
ISBN-10: 0806524340
ISBN-13: 9780806524344

Author: Gabriel Wisdom
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: fallen, angels, profit, investing, value, wisdom
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2009-10-05
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 0470457309
ISBN-13: 9780470457306

Wisdom on Value Investing offers author Gabriel Wisdom’s insights on succeeding in difficult markets. One of his favorite approaches-which is part classic value investing and part behavioral finance-is called "The Fallen Angels Investment Strategy," and it prepares investors to look past short-term value assumptions in order to capture profits. Throughout this book, Wisdom will show you how to capitalize on value plays where the fundamentals are actually strong, but the "general wisdom" surrounding the security has turned negative. He discusses how stocks with the most promise are ones t

Author: Cybele Tomlinson
Publisher: Conari Press
Keywords: wisdom, book, simple, ayurveda
Number of Pages: 165
Published: 2002-04-09
List price: $13.95
ISBN-10: 1573247162
ISBN-13: 9781573247160

Author: Frithjof Schuon
Publisher: World Wisdom
Keywords: wisdom, traditional, library, stations
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 1995-01-25
List price: $12.00
ISBN-10: 0941532186
ISBN-13: 9780941532181

Schuon goes to the root of the impasse reached by the modern mind, resulting from the difficulty so many people have in accepting the symbolic expressions of religion in the face of academic rationalism, relativism and the discoveries of science. These essays clear the ground, beginning with the crucial reintegration of intelligence and our need for causal explanations, long left neglected and outside faith. The transcendent and primordial nature of Revelation, intellect, faith, prayer and the human condition are set forth in a framework that reconciles the apparent incompatibility between met

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
Keywords: wisdom, love, divine, concerning, angelic
Number of Pages: 196
Published: 2005-12-01
List price: $15.95
ISBN-10: 1596057343
ISBN-13: 9781596057340

The atmospheres, which are called aethers and airs, are alike in both the spiritual and natural worlds, only that those in the spiritual world are spiritual, and those in the natural world are natural. The former are spiritual because they exist from the sun, which is the first proceeding of the divine love and divine wisdom of the Lord, and from Him receive in them divine fire which is love, and divine light which is wisdom... -from "Part III" Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th-century inventor and man of science, experienced a spiritual epiphany at the age of 56, when he began to explore Christ

Author: William Kingsland
Publisher: Book Tree
Keywords: wisdom, mystery, scriptures, christian, gnosis, ancient
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 2000-01-01
List price: $18.95
ISBN-10: 1585090476
ISBN-13: 9781585090471

This book is the last work of William Kingsland and was completed shortly before his death. "In this work Kingsland shows how the fundamental teachings given to the world at the beginning of the Christian ere were derived from the Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom, but in time have become so perverted that the modern interpretation of Christianity represents merely their debased survival." Contents: Religion and Religions; The Bible; The Ancient Wisdom or Gnosis; The Genesis Narrative; The New Testament Scriptures, The Gospels; The New Testament Scriptures, Paul’s Epistles; Practical Religion; Bi
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