Author: Gordon Williams
Publisher: The Athlone Press
Keywords: volume, dictionary, iii, athlone, shakespeare, three, stuart, sexual, language, imagery, shakespearean, literature
Number of Pages: 1616
Published: 2001-09-13
List price: $1,020.00
ISBN-10: 0485113937
ISBN-13: 9780485113938

Providing an alphabetical listing of sexual language and locution in 16th and 17th-century English, this book draws especially on the more immediate literary modes: the theatre, broadside ballads, newsbooks and pamphlets. The aim is to assist the reader of Shakespearean and Stuart literature to identify metaphors and elucidate meanings; and more broadly, to chart, through illustrative quotation, shifting and recurrent linguistic patterns. Linguistic habit is closely bound up with the ideas and assumptions of a period, and the figurative language of sexuality across this period is highly illumi

Author: A. P. Cowie
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: volume, dictionaries, purpose, specialized, general, oxford, english, lexicography, history
Number of Pages: 1312
Published: 2009-01-29
List price: $295.00
ISBN-10: 0199285624
ISBN-13: 9780199285624

These substantial volumes present the fullest account yet published of the lexicography of English from its origins in medieval glosses, through its rapid development in the eighteenth century, to a fully-established high-tech industry that is as reliant as ever on learning and scholarship. The history covers dictionaries of English and its national varieties, including American English, with numerous references to developments in Europe and elsewhere which have influenced the course of English lexicography. Part one of Volume I explores the early development of glosses and

Authors:R.H. Mitchell, H.S. Grütter, L.M. Heaman, B.H. Scott
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Keywords: volume, roger, clement, papers, selected, kimberlite, conference, international
Number of Pages: 614
Published: 2005-06-24
List price: $102.14
ISBN-10: 0444517758
ISBN-13: 9780444517753

Volume 1 of this special issue of Lithos, dedicated to Roger Clement, presents papers describing the geology and emplacement of several of the recently discovered kimberlites in northern Canada in which diamond mines are now operating. Other papers are concerned with the petrography, age of emplacement, geochemistry and petrogenesis of kimberlites from Canada and other worldwide localities.

Authors:Naphtali Lewis, Meyer Reinhold,
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Keywords: volume, republic, empire, augustan, readings, civilization, selected, roman
Number of Pages: 1348
Published: 1990-11
List price: $83.50
ISBN-10: 0231070551
ISBN-13: 9780231070553

Naphtali Lewis and Meyer Reinhold’s Roman Civilization is a classic. Originally published by Columbia University Press in 1955, the authors have undertaken another revision which takes into account recent work in the field. These volumes consist of selected primary documents from ancient Rome, covering a range of over 1,000 years of Roman culture, from the foundation of the city to its sacking by the Goths.The selections cover a broad spectrum of Roman civilization, including literature, philosophy, religion, education, politics, military affairs, and economics. These English translatio

Authors:W. Punt, S. Blackmore, P.P. Hoen, P.J. Stafford,
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Keywords: volume, review, palaeobotany, palynology, reprinted, viii, pollen, flora, northwest, european
Number of Pages: 194
Published: 2003-06-03
List price: $270.00
ISBN-10: 0444827579
ISBN-13: 9780444827579

Author: Jeffrey M. Lemm
Publisher: North Holland
Keywords: volume, combinatorics, handbook
Number of Pages: 1120
Published: 1995-12-25
List price: $249.00
ISBN-10: 0444823468
ISBN-13: 9780444823465


Authors:Peter N. Peregrine, Melvin Ember,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: volume, human, relations, area, files, conjunction, index, prehistory, complete, volumes, encyclopedia, published
Number of Pages: 2900
Published: 2003-05-31
List price: $1,440.00
ISBN-10: 0306462648
ISBN-13: 9780306462641

A comprehensive overview of all of human history from two million years ago to the historic period. Prepared under the auspices and with the support of the Human Relations Area Files and an internationally distinguished advisory board and edited by Peter N. Peregine and Melvin Ember, the encyclopedia is organised regionally with entries on each major archaeological tradition written by noted experts in the field. The entries follow a standard format and employ comparable units of description and analysis, making them easy to use and compare. Volume 7 focuses on South America.
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