Author: Stephan Schwarze
Publisher: Verlag der Fachvereine Hochschulverlag AG an der ETH Zurich
Keywords: bwi, products, variant, multiple, configuration
Number of Pages: 146
Published: 1996-07
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3728124052
ISBN-13: 9783728124050

Author: Ahmad Ali Al-Imam
Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)
Keywords: historical, linguistic, origins, study, critical, readings, quran, variant
Number of Pages: 182
Published: 2007-01-15
List price: $15.00
ISBN-10: 1565644204
ISBN-13: 9781565644205

This fascinating and important book attempts to investigate the nature of the seven Ahruf in which the Qur an has been revealed and the reason for the variations in readings among the Qurraa of the Quran. It studies, examines, and discusses: the revelation of the Qur an in the seven ahruf concluding that they represent seven linguistical ways of recitation; the compilation of the Quran during the lifetime of the Prophet and the preservation of the Quran in the memories of the Companions as well as in written form, the compilation during the time of Abu Bakr, and the further compilation during

Author: Arlene Istar Lev
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: variant, people, families, gender, working, emergence, therapeutic, guidelines, transgender
Number of Pages: 506
Published: 2004-03-02
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 078902117X
ISBN-13: 9780789021175

Explore an ecological strength-based framework for the treatment of gender-variant clients! This comprehensive book provides you with a clinical and theoretical overview of the issues facing transgendered/transsexual people and their families. Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines for Working with Gender-Variant People and Their Families views assessment and treatment through a nonpathologizing lens that honors human diversity and acknowledges the role of oppression in the developmental process of gender identity formation. Specific sections of Transgender Emergence: Therapeuti

Authors:William Blake, Sir Geoffrey Keynes,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: standard, authors, series, oxford, readings, writings, variant, complete
Number of Pages: 960
Published: 1966-12-31
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0192810502
ISBN-13: 9780192810502

This edition includes almost all Blake’s substantive variants with the exception of some in the exceptionally complex manuscript of Vala, or the Four Zoas.

Authors:Barbara J. Bain, Barbara Wild, Adrian Stephens, Lorra
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Keywords: identification, guide, haemoglobins, variant
Number of Pages: 260
Published: 2011-01-11
List price: $144.95
ISBN-10: 1405167157
ISBN-13: 9781405167154

Variant Haemoglobins – A Guide to Identification is based on the premise that any single diagnostic technique offers only a very provisional identification of a variant haemoglobin. In routine diagnostic practice two techniques are needed as a minimum, with the results being interpreted in the light of the clinical details, blood count, blood film and ethnic origin. This book covers 150 normal and variant haemoglobins that have been studied and carefully documented.Variant Haemoglobins has four introductory chapters followed by an invaluable atlas. The introductory chapters coverthe genetics

Authors:George Kane, E. Talbot Donaldson,
Publisher: Continuum
Keywords: piers, plowman, evidence, restored, readings, revised, corrected, variant, college, version, visions, form, trinity, cambridge
Number of Pages: 692
Published: 2002-08-19
List price: $180.00
ISBN-10: 0520062302
ISBN-13: 9780520062306
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