Author: Alan Nayes
Publisher: Forge Books
Keywords: unnatural
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2003-10-01
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 0765306131
ISBN-13: 9780765306135

The first victim, brutally assaulted, literally dies of fright in the ER, and Dr. Julie Charmaine must find out why. A psychiatrist, advocate for battered women and noted sleep researcher, Dr. Charmaine has only two clues to the beautiful young woman’s death: she reeks of the city sewers and her last word was the Spanish slang for monkey.Meanwhile, Vicki Zambisi, tormented by twin memories of terror and lost love begins an odyssey of vengeance. But when she is attacked in the run-down hotel where she was betrayed, she is put under the care of Dr. Charmaine, and her dreams reveal that th

Author: Michael Williams
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Keywords: doubts, unnatural
Number of Pages: 410
Published: 1995-12-22
List price: $42.00
ISBN-10: 069101115X
ISBN-13: 9780691011158

In Unnatural Doubts, Michael Williams constructs a masterly polemic against the very idea of epistemology, as traditionally conceived. Although philosophers have often found problems in efforts to study the nature and limits of human knowledge, Williams provides the first book that systematically argues against there being such a thing as knowledge of the external world. He maintains that knowledge of the world consitutes a theoretically coherent kind of knowledge, whose possibility needs to be defended, only given a deeply problematic doctrine he calls "epistemological realism." The only alte

Author: Callum Roberts
Publisher: Shearwater
Keywords: sea, history, unnatural
Number of Pages: 464
Published: 2009-01-05
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 1597265772
ISBN-13: 9781597265775

Humanity can make short work of the oceans’ creatures. In 1741, hungry explorers discovered herds of Steller’s sea cow in the Bering Strait, and in less than thirty years, the amiable beast had been harpooned into extinction. It’s a classic story, but a key fact is often omitted. Bering Island was the last redoubt of a species that had been decimated by hunting and habitat loss years before the explorers set sail.  As Callum M. Roberts reveals in The Unnatural History of the Sea, the oceans’ bounty didn’t disappear overnight. While today’s fishing industry is ruthlessly efficient,

Author: Iosif G. Dyadkin
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Keywords: deaths, unnatural
Number of Pages: 80
Published: 1983-01-01
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0878559191
ISBN-13: 9780878559190

Author: Tim Lebbon
Publisher: Pocket Star
Keywords: hellboy, selection, unnatural
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2006-03-28
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 1416507833
ISBN-13: 9781416507833

Hellboy, a bloodred, cloven-hoofed demon raised by the United States government,is a top field agent for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.He questions the unknown -- then beats it into submission.A dragon is seen perching on the statue of Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro . . .A werewolf stalks the streets of Baltimore . . .A griffin slaughters a herd of horses in Madrid . . .Weird sightings of cryptozoological and mythological creatures abound around the globe. Sometimes the creatures simply appear and then vanish again, content merely to put in an appearance. Other

Author: Robert G. Fuller Jr
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Keywords: deaths, unnatural
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 2009-03-27
List price: $15.95
ISBN-10: 1598588974
ISBN-13: 9781598588972

Now retired, Robert G. Fuller, Jr, practiced law in Maine for over thirty-five years. He also served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the United States Navy. During his career, he developed extensive contacts among Maine trial lawyers, judges, law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and forensic analysts, all of which have contributed to the authentic flavor of this novel. Fuller’s years in Maine have given him the ability to convey the way Maine people express themselves. He has a keen ear for the local vernacular of not only those who work in law enforcement but also

Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Berkley
Keywords: scarpetta, exposure, unnatural
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2008-01-02
List price: $9.99
ISBN-10: 0425218929
ISBN-13: 9780425218921

A psychopath with an intimate knowledge of death has an even more intimate knowledge of Kay Scarpetta-and many different plans to kill her.
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