Author: Shing-Fong Su
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Keywords: umts, operation, networks, design, engineering, air, interface
Number of Pages: 356
Published: 2007-03-23
List price: $99.95
ISBN-10: 0071488669
ISBN-13: 9780071488662

Everything Engineers Need to Design, Build, and Operate 3G Wireless Networks for Global Voice and Data Communications The UMTS Air-Interface in RF Engineering shows you how to design, build, and operate the 3G wireless networks that carry most of today’s global voice and data communications. The book explains the RF engineering aspects of UMTS, key elements of the 3GPP specifications, and practical operation of UMTS networks. Written by an internationally renowned expert on wireless systems, this essential engineering tool takes you through UMTS basics and standar

Author: Daniel Fox
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: umts, user, equipment, quality, conformance, assuring, testing
Number of Pages: 274
Published: 2008-05-27
List price: $120.00
ISBN-10: 0470724420
ISBN-13: 9780470724422

A modern mobile phone is a highly complex electronic system made up from a variety of diverse sub-systems, all of which must work seamlessly together. Today’s users have very high expectations which set tough demands on manufacturers as they introduce third generation technology. While quality, in terms of the phone’s stability, performance and behaviour on the network, originate from good design, the only way to be sure of quality is by testing it. This makes testing a very important part of any mobile phone’s life cycle, from development through to manufacture and beyond, t

Authors:Mr Ralf Kreher, Torsten Ruedebusch,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: umts, procedures, analyzed, explained, flows, message, signaling, interfaces, protocols
Number of Pages: 574
Published: 2007-04-06
List price: $170.00
ISBN-10: 0470065338
ISBN-13: 9780470065334

This completely revised and updated edition of the highly successful UMTS Signaling provides a deep insight into all aspects of UMTS signalling. The chapter structure has been reworked for improved “usability” for readers, as well as including many new features and updates. The successful trial, deployment, operation and troubleshooting of 3G or UMTS infrastructures and applications is the biggest challenge facing today’s mobile communications. Network element instability, network element and multi-vendor interoperability, configuration and network planning faults are just a few of the

Author: Martin Wuschke
Publisher: Teubner B.G. GmbH
Keywords: umts
Number of Pages: 233
Published: 2003-01-31
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3519004658
ISBN-13: 9783519004653

Author: Cornelia Kappler
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: networks, umts
Number of Pages: 386
Published: 2009-04-20
List price: $110.00
ISBN-10: 0470031905
ISBN-13: 9780470031902

An all-encompassing coverage on UMTS Networks including an in-depth discussion of current work on UMTS evolution and 4G . UMTS Networks and Beyond offers a comprehensive introduction to the networking aspects of UMTS and the networks coming after UMTS. The book is unique in that it systematically compares how a particular problem, e.g. obtaining connectivity, is solved in UMTS and how the same problem is solved in a Computer Network such as the Internet. It also highlights why the respective solutions are so different. The first part of the book provides a detailed technical discussion of

Authors:Javier Sanchez, Mamadou Thioune,
Publisher: Wiley-ISTE
Keywords: umts
Number of Pages: 422
Published: 2007-01-29
List price: $185.00
ISBN-10: 1905209711
ISBN-13: 9781905209712

During the first decade of this new millennium, it is estimated that more than €100 billion will be invested in the third generation (3G) Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) in Europe. This fact represents an amazing challenge from both a technical and commercial perspective. Written by experts in the field, this book gives a detailed description of the elements in the UMTS network architecture: the User Equipment (UE), the UMTS Radio Access Network (UTRAN) and the core network. The completely new protocols based on the needs of the new Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W

Authors:Bernhard H. Walke, P. Seidenberg, M. P. Althoff,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: fundamentals, umts
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2002-12-16
List price: $140.00
ISBN-10: 0470845570
ISBN-13: 9780470845578

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) is the third generation telecommunications system based on WCDMA. WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is the radio interface for UMTS. WCDMA is characterised by use of a wider band than CDMA. It has additional advantages of high transfer rate, and increased system capacity and communication quality by statistical multiplexing, etc. WCDMA efficiently utilises the radio spectrum to provide a maximum data rate of 2 Mbit/s. UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) will offer a consistent set of services to mobile computer a
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