Author: James Anderson Hawes
Publisher: Books for Libraries Press
Keywords: twenty, story, colleges, olds, year, years, among
Number of Pages: 259
Published: 1970
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0836955234
ISBN-13: 9780836955231

Authors:David Johnston, Liz Amberly, Jay D. Hanagan, John Yea
Publisher: Samuel French
Keywords: twenty, eighth, series, plays, festival, broadway
Published: 2004
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0573629609
ISBN-13: 9780573629600

Six short off-off Broadway plays. They are: Leaving Tangier by David Johnston, Blueberry Waltz by Liz Amberly, Along for the Ride by Jay Hanagan, A Low-flying Fog, by John Yearley, Quick & dirty (a subway fantasy) by David Riedy and The Ferry by Ryan Hill.

Author: Livy
Publisher: General Books LLC
Keywords: twenty, books, first, second, entire, together, five, livius, selections, titus
Number of Pages: 290
Published: 2009-12-19
List price: $33.68
ISBN-10: 1150041080
ISBN-13: 9781150041082

Subtitle: Chiefly From the Text of Alschefski General Books publication date: 2009 Original publication date: 1868 Original Publisher: D. Appleton and Company Notes: This is a black and white OCR reprint of the original. It has no illustrations and there may be typos or missing text. When you buy the General Books edition of this book you get free trial access to where you can select from more than a million books for free. Excerpt: LIBRI SECUNDI CAP. 1-?, XII, XIII, XXXIV-XL. AKGUMENTUM LIBRI SECUNDI. I Brutus jurejurando populum adstrinxit neminem régnare Romo

Author: Stephen J. Ball
Publisher: Policy Press
Keywords: first, century, twenty, politics, policy, series, debate, education
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2008-01-30
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 1861349203
ISBN-13: 9781861349200

Tony Blair’s 1996 pre-election speech put ’education, education, education’ firmly at the centre of the policy stage. Education has since become a key political issue and a major focus of media attention. It is also seen as a crucial factor in ensuring economic productivity and competitiveness. But whose interests are at the centre of this shift in education policy? And how could things be if we thought about education differently? In this enthralling book, Stephen J. Ball guides us through the flood of government initiatives and policies that have been introduced over the pa

Author: David J. Hunter
Publisher: Policy Pr
Keywords: first, century, twenty, politics, policy, series, debate, health, amp
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 2008-09-24
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 1861349297
ISBN-13: 9781861349293

Health care systems across the world are in a state of permanent revolution as they struggle to cope with multiple pressures arising from changing demography, new technologies, and limited resources. Focusing on the British NHS, this book offers a fresh look at how it has coped with such pressures over its 60 year history and considers what the future holds. The book explores the complexity of health policy and health services, offering a critical perspective on their development. A number of tensions are evident in contemporary health policy and the book is organised around a selection of the

Author: Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)
Keywords: report, twenty, sixth, pollution, command, paper, environmental, royal, environment, urban, commission
Number of Pages: 228
Published: 2007-03-06
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 010170092X
ISBN-13: 9780101700924

Author: Twenty-First Century Manufacturing EnterKenneth P
Publisher: Lehigh University Press
Keywords: strategy, century, enterprise, manufacturing, first, twenty
Number of Pages: 58
Published: 1991-11
List price: $25.00
ISBN-10: 0962486639
ISBN-13: 9780962486630
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