Author: Frank Burch Brown
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: taste, life, religious, aesthetics, christian
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 2003-02-20
List price: $35.00
ISBN-10: 0195158725
ISBN-13: 9780195158724

Christians frequently come into conflict with themselves and others over such matters as music, popular culture, and worship style. Yet they usually lack any theology of art or taste adequate to deal with aesthetic disputes. In this provocative book, Frank Burch Brown offers a constructive, ""ecumenical"" approach to artistic taste and aesthetic judgment--a non-elitist but discriminating theological aesthetics that has ""teeth but no fangs."" While grounded in history and theory, this book takes up such practical questions as: How can one religious community accommodate a variety of artistic

Author: George Dickie
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: century, taste, eighteenth, philosophical, odyssey
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 1996-01-04
List price: $110.00
ISBN-10: 0195096800
ISBN-13: 9780195096804

The Century of Taste offers an exposition and critical account of the central figures in the early development of the modern philosophy of art. Dickie traces the modern theory of taste from its first formulation by Francis Hutcheson, to blind alleys followed by Alexander Gerard and Archibald Allison, its refinement and complete expression by Hume, and finally to its decline in the hands of Kant. In a clear and straightforward style, Dickie offers sympathetic discussions of the theoretical aims of these philosophers, but does not shy from controversy--pointing out, for instance, the obscurities

Author: Taste of Home
Publisher: Readers Digest
Keywords: potluck, favorites, over, suppers, home, church, taste
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2009-04-30
List price: $15.95
ISBN-10: 0898216397
ISBN-13: 9780898216394

Fun, fellowship, and great food-these are the ingredients that make for a successful social gathering when supplied by people like you and the Taste of Home Test-Kitchen experts. Packed with 506 delicious, home-style recipes for bite-sized snacks, refreshing beverages, tasty appetizers, spectacular side dishes, hearty entrees, and delightful desserts-each recipe serving eight or more. You are sure to find a dish to suit any occasion-church breakfasts and suppers, potlucks, reunions, family gatherings, or any other event that draws a hungry crowd. Each recipe uses everyday ingredients and is de

Author: Taste of Home
Publisher: Readers Digest
Keywords: cookies, home, taste
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 2009-09-17
List price: $17.95
ISBN-10: 089821727X
ISBN-13: 9780898217278

This keepsake book of cookie recipes from Taste of Home contains over 600 delights-from simple chip-filled drop cookies and gooey, jam-packed sandwiches to fudgy brownies and delicate buttery shortbreads. Take a look inside and you’ll find: * More than 600 cookies for every occasion, from after-school snacks and charity bake sales to holiday cookie platters and charming hostess gifts * Twelve chapters devoted to different cookies, including shortcut cookies, big batch treats, Christmas favorites, and more * Extra recipes for brownies and bars * A chapter dedicated to "big batch baking,"

Author: R.S. Shallenberger
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: chemistry, taste
Number of Pages: 613
Published: 1994-11-30
List price: $209.00
ISBN-10: 0751401501
ISBN-13: 9780751401509

This text examines the meaning of the established premise that "taste is a chemical sense". In particular, it considers the degree to which chemical principles apply to the phenomena associated with the inductive phase of taste; describes the structure and properties of compounds of varying tastes that allow the nature of the receptors for different tastes to be postulated; and includes interdisciplinary observations that maybe applied to the solution of problems related to the chemical nature of taste. The largest portion of text is directed towards sweetness.

Author: Kay Woodward
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Keywords: senses, taste
Number of Pages: 24
Published: 2005-01
List price: $23.00
ISBN-10: 0836844092
ISBN-13: 9780836844092

There are so many tasty things in the world - some are sweet, some are salty; some are sour and some are bitter. Find out how your sense of taste allows you to try out all these incredible flavours. Discover how the senses of taste and smell are linked, how octopuses taste with the end of their tentacles and how people from around the world enjoy different flavours of food and drink. Large, fascinating photographs help to bring the straightforward text to life and a colourful diagram clearly explains how humans are able to taste things. Two pages of activities encourage children to interact wi

Author: Maria Hidalgo
Publisher: Smart Apple Media
Keywords: senses, five, taste
Number of Pages: 24
Published: 2003-08
List price: $24.25
ISBN-10: 1583403051
ISBN-13: 9781583403051

A simple introduction to the sense of taste. Includes related activities.
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