Author: Binbing Wang
Publisher: Spon Press
Keywords: systems, cable, strut, spon, research, tensegrity, standing, tension, structures, free
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2004-09-24
List price: $210.00
ISBN-10: 0415335957
ISBN-13: 9780415335959

Architects are constantly looking for new methods to create large indoor spaces unhindered by columns and other supports. Tensile and cable-strut structures are one method of producing such spaces. They also enable the creation of different shaped spaces allowing architects more scope for innovation. Free-standing Tension Structures: From Tensegrity Systems to Cable-strut Systems provides the background engineering needed to produce these wonderful structures. Providing a complete background to the underlying structural engineering theories of tensegrity, this book will prove invaluable for a

Author: Yong-Hua Song
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, automation, science, engineering, control, intelligent, techniques, power, modern, optimisation
Number of Pages: 292
Published: 1999-05-31
List price: $229.00
ISBN-10: 0792356977
ISBN-13: 9780792356974

Under an ever-increasingly competitive/deregulated environment, power utilities need efficient and effective tools to ensure that electrical energy of the desired quality can be provided at the lowest cost. These usually form highly constrained optimisation problems. Modern Optimisation Techniques in Power Systems is the first book to offer a comprehensive cover of major modern optimisation methods applied to power systems, including: simulated annealing, tabu search, genetic algorithms, neural networks, fuzzy programming, Lagrangian relaxation, interior point methods, ant colony searc

Authors:Xiao-Ping Zhang, Christian Rehtanz, Bikash Pal,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, power, control, modelling, flexible, transmission
Number of Pages: 383
Published: 2006-03-21
List price: $179.00
ISBN-10: 3540306064
ISBN-13: 9783540306061

This monograph presents advanced modelling, analysis and control techniques of FACTS. These topics reflect the recent research and development of FACTS controllers, and anticipate the future applications of FACTS in power systems. The book covers comprehensively a range of power-system control problems: from steady-state voltage and power flow control, to voltage and reactive power control, to voltage stability control, to small signal stability control using FACTS controllers. The book presents the modelling of the latest FACTS controllers for power flow control, compensation and power quali

Authors:Gadi Ariav, James Clifford,
Publisher: Ablex Publishing Corporation
Keywords: systems, management, series, vol, information, computer, directions, database, new, based
Number of Pages: 269
Published: 1986-06
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0893913448
ISBN-13: 9780893913441

This volume is intended for researchers, practitioners, and members of the business community interested in the shape of data management in the years to come. The volume is both retrospective and future oriented and the chapters recapitulate current 1980s database research and applications. The chapters analyze future development, and focus on medium and long-term prospects in this dynamic domain of activity. The chapters seek to capture the ongoing changes in the shape of database management systems, discuss the role of databases as components of larger systems, identify new areas where datab

Authors:Frada Burstein, Clyde W. Holsapple,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, handbooks, information, international, variations, support, handbook, decision
Number of Pages: 800
Published: 2008-02-25
List price: $279.00
ISBN-10: 3540487158
ISBN-13: 9783540487159

As the most comprehensive reference work dealing with decision support systems (DSS), this book is essential for the library of every DSS practitioner, researcher, and educator. Written by an international array of DSS luminaries, its more than 70 chapters approach decision support systems from a wide variety of perspectives ranging from classic foundations to cutting-edge thought, informative to provocative, theoretical to practical, historical to futuristic, human to technological, and operational to strategic. The chapters are conveniently organized into 10 major sections: foundations of de

Author: Marten Hillebrand
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, notes, economics, mathematical, lecture, stock, demographic, change, pension, market
Number of Pages: 186
Published: 2008-04-10
List price: $99.00
ISBN-10: 354077971X
ISBN-13: 9783540779711

Due to the accelerating demographic change of the population the reform of the existing pension systems constitutes one of the greatest political challenges in most European countries. A theoretical discussion of different pension reforms must incorporate not only the demographic aspect but also the role of financial market risk and the impact on production and employment. These notes develop a dynamic macroeconomic model which incorporates these aspects within a flexible theoretical framework. The proposed approach provides a large scale population model and features a sound description o

Author: Abhik Roychoudhury M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Scie
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: systems, series, silicon, kaufmann, validation, software, embedded, morgan
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2009-06-12
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 0123742307
ISBN-13: 9780123742308

Modern embedded systems require high performance, low cost and low power consumption. Such systems typically consist of a heterogeneous collection of processors, specialized memory subsystems, and partially programmable or fixed-function components. This heterogeneity, coupled with issues such as hardware/software partitioning, mapping, scheduling, etc., leads to a large number of design possibilities, making performance debugging and validation of such systems a difficult problem. Embedded systems are used to control safety critical applications such as flight control, automotive electronics
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