Authors:Agustin Rodriguez-Bachiller, John Glasso,
Publisher: CRC Pre
Keywords: systems, assessment, impact, geographic, expert, information
Number of Pages: 408
Published: 2004-08-12
List price: $52.95
ISBN-10: 0415307252
ISBN-13: 9780415307253

Impact Assessment is becoming part and parcel of an increasing number of development proposals in the UK and Europe. As the practice of Impact Assessment develops it becomes more standardized and good practice starts to be defined. However, the quality of Impact Assessment is still far from satisfactory. Expert Systems and GIS for Impact Assessment discusses the potential of integrating these two well known computer technologies to help with the process of Impact Assessment. The proposition behind the work is that all three areas are potentially complementary and that mutual benefits can be ga

Author: S.G. Tzafesta
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, automation, science, engineering, control, applications, advanced, techniques, robotic, intelligent
Number of Pages: 660
Published: 1992-05-31
List price: $423.00
ISBN-10: 0792317491
ISBN-13: 9780792317494

Robotics is a modern interdisciplinary field that has emerged from the marriage of computerized numerical control and remote manipulation. Today’s robotic systems have intelligence features, and are able to perform dexterous and intelligent human-like actions through appropriate combination of learning, perception, planning, decision making and control. This book presents advanced concepts, techniques and applications reflecting the experience of a wide group of specialists in the field. Topics include: kinematics, dynamics, path planning and tracking, control, mobile robotics, navigatio

Author: Steven Barrett
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers
Keywords: systems, lectures, digital, circuits, synthesis, avr, design, atmel, embedded, microcontroller
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2009-11-03
List price: $50.00
ISBN-10: 1608451275
ISBN-13: 9781608451272

This textbook provides practicing scientists and engineers an advanced treatment of the Atmel AVR microcontroller. This book is intended as a follow-on to a previously published book, titled Atmel AVR Microcontroller Primer: Programming and Interfacing. Some of the content from this earlier text is retained for completeness. This book will emphasize advanced programming and interfacing skills. We focus on system level design consisting of several interacting microcontroller subsystems. The first chapter discusses the system design process. Our approach is to provide the skills to quickly get u

Author: Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Re
Publisher: National Academies Press
Keywords: germany, lessons, perspectives, states, united, transfer, systems, technology
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 1997-09-29
List price: $54.00
ISBN-10: 030905530X
ISBN-13: 9780309055307

This book explores major similarities and differences in the structure, conduct, and performance of the national technology transfer systems of Germany and the United States. It maps the technology transfer landscape in each country in detail, uses case studies to examine the dynamics of technology transfer in four major technology areas, and identifies areas and opportunities for further mutual learning between the two national systems.

Author: Axel Jantsch
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: systems, models, computation, time, silicon, concurrency, embedded, soc, modeling
Number of Pages: 351
Published: 2003-06-17
List price: $73.95
ISBN-10: 1558609253
ISBN-13: 9781558609259

Over the last decade, advances in the semiconductor fabrication process have led to the realization of true system-on-a-chip devices. But the theories, methods and tools for designing, integrating and verifying these complex systems have not kept pace with our ability to build them. System level design is a critical component in the search for methods to develop designs more productively. However, there are a number of challenges that must be overcome in order to implement system level modeling. This book directly addresses that need by developing organizing principles for understanding, asse

Authors:Les Besser, Rowan Gilmore,
Publisher: Artech House
Keywords: systems, volume, circuits, passive, wireless, circuit, design, modern, practical
Number of Pages: 566
Published: 2003-10-31
List price: $145.00
ISBN-10: 1580535216
ISBN-13: 9781580535212

The first of a two-volume set, this leading-edge book takes a practical approach to RF circuit design, offering a complete understanding of the fundamental concepts you need to know and use for your work in this industry. The book lays the ground work for efficient RF circuit design in a step-by-step approach, by defining important principles and parameters and progressively introducing critical analytical tools. It helps you distinguish between RF and low frequency circuits, and offers a detailed look at a typical RF system. This is a tested and insightful book that contains answers to most o

Authors:Joe H. Chow, Petar V. Kokotovic, Robert J. Thomas,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, mathematics, applications, volumes, power, control, theory, ima
Number of Pages: 413
Published: 1995-02-24
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 0387944389
ISBN-13: 9780387944388

The articles in this volume cover power system model reduction, transient and voltage stability, nonlinear control, robust stability, computation and optimization and have been written by some of the leading researchers in these areas. This book should be of interest to power and control engineers, and applied mathematicians.
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