Authors:M. Stewart, Robert E. Melchers,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, effectiveness, engineering, assessment, risk, probabilistic
Number of Pages: 292
Published: 1997-11-30
List price: $279.00
ISBN-10: 0412805707
ISBN-13: 9780412805707

Probabilistic risk and hazard assessments are applied to a wide range of engineering systems, mainly for regulatory reasons needed for development consent, system certification and occupational health and safety issues. The purpose of this book is to raise awareness of the limitations, uncertainties and other issues inherent in probabilistic risk analysis procedures. Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Engineering Systems describes: the importance of probabilistic risk assessment in decision making, i.e. risk management; types of risk and probabilistic risk analysis procedures;

Author: Bela H. Banathy
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, contemporary, thinking, world, changing, social, designing
Number of Pages: 372
Published: 1996-01-15
List price: $219.00
ISBN-10: 0306452510
ISBN-13: 9780306452512

In this original text/reference, Bela H. Banathy discusses a broad range of design approaches, models, methods, and tools, together with the theoretical and philosophical bases of social systems design. he explores the existing knowledge bases of systems design; introduces and integrates concepts from other fields that contribute to design thinking and practice; and thoroughly explains how competence in social systems design empowers people to direct their progress and create a truly participative democracy. Based on advanced learning theory and practice, the text’s material is e

Author: Andreas Linke-Diesinger
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, functions, introduction, turbofan, commercial, engines
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 2008-06-02
List price: $159.00
ISBN-10: 3540736182
ISBN-13: 9783540736189

"Systems of Commercial Turbofan Engines" gives the reader information about the operation of the engine systems, its components and the terminology used throughout the industry. The engine systems are explained by the use of examples from today’s engines. So the readers, from aircraft mechanics to commercial pilot, become familiar with the current technology in this field and attains a deeper knowledge of the systems of commercial turbofan engines. To understand the operation of gas turbine engines used in aircraft, it is not enough to understand the basic operation of a gas turbine. It

Authors:Phillip C-Y Sheu, Q. Xue,
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Keywords: systems, automated, vol, robotics, series, planning, intelligent, robotic
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 1991-11
List price: $47.00
ISBN-10: 981020759X
ISBN-13: 9789810207595

This volume focusses on the problem of planning in the context of robotics. This book extends the techniques developed for generic planning problems with robotics-specific considerations so that the task of planning can be discussed in a more uniform way. It also includes the latest results in reconfigurable (mobile) robot planning, multiple robot planning, plan recovery, and planning in uncertain environments. This volume is probably the very first book in the market that provides a theoretical foundation for planning techniques and their applications. It also bridges the gap that has been ex

Authors:Craig R. Allen, C. S. Holling,
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Keywords: systems, complexity, ecological, complex, ecosystems, discontinuities
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2008-06-06
List price: $100.00
ISBN-10: 023114444X
ISBN-13: 9780231144445

Following the publication of C. S. Holling’s seminal work on the relationship between animal body mass patterns and scale-specific landscape structure, ecologists began to explore the theoretical and applied consequences of discontinuities in ecosystems and other complex systems. Are ecosystems and their components continuously distributed and do they adhere to scaling laws, or are they discontinuous and more complex than early models would have us believe? The resulting propositions over the structure of complex systems sparked an ongoing debate regarding the mechanisms generating disco

Author: Bela H. Banathy
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, contemporary, thinking, view, guided, society, evolution
Number of Pages: 426
Published: 2000-11-30
List price: $195.00
ISBN-10: 0306463822
ISBN-13: 9780306463822

Based on a comprehensive review of human and societal evolution the book develops an approach to conscious, self-guided evolution. In the course of the evolutionary journey of our species, there have been three seminal events. The first happened some seven million yeas ago, when our humanoid ancestors entered on the evolutionary scene. Their journey toward the second crucial event lasted over six million years when - as the greatest event of our evolutionary history - homo sapiens sapiens, started the revolutionary process of cultural evolution. Today, we have arrived at the threshol

Authors:Steffen Rebennack, Panos M. Pardalos, Mario V. F. Pe
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, energy, power, handbook
Number of Pages: 500
Published: 2010-08-31
List price: $189.00
ISBN-10: 3642126855
ISBN-13: 9783642126857

Energy is one of the world`s most challenging problems, and power systems are an important aspect of energy related issues. This handbook contains state-of-the-art contributions on power systems modeling and optimization. The book is separated into two volumes with six sections, which cover the most important areas of energy systems. The first volume covers the topics operations planning and expansion planning while the second volume focuses on transmission and distribution modeling, forecasting in energy, energy auctions and markets, as well as risk management. The contributions are authored
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