Authors:Ferenc Szidarovszky, A.T. Bahill,
Publisher: CRC-Pre
Keywords: systems, engineering, theory, linear
Number of Pages: 508
Published: 1998-02-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0849316871
ISBN-13: 9780849316876

This second edition comprehensively presents important tools of linear systems theory, including differential and difference equations, Laplace and Z transforms, and more.Linear Systems Theory discusses:oNonlinear and linear systems in the state space form and through the transfer function methodoStability, including marginal stability, asymptotical stability, global asymptotical stability, uniform stability, uniform exponential stability, and BIBO stabilityoControllabilityoObservabilityoCanonical formsoSystem realizations and minimal realizations, including state space approach and transfer f

Author: V. Pinkava
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Keywords: systems, technology, information, modelling, introduction, logic
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 1988-01-01
List price: $136.00
ISBN-10: 0856264318
ISBN-13: 9780856264313

Author: Derek K. Hitchins
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: systems, methodology, engineering, century
Number of Pages: 528
Published: 2008-01-09
List price: $130.00
ISBN-10: 0470058560
ISBN-13: 9780470058565

This book conceives, presents and exemplifies a contemporary, general systems methodology that is straightforward and accessible, providing guidance in practical application, as well as explaining concept and theory. The book is presented both as a text for students, with topic assignments, and as a reference for practitioners, through case studies. Utilizing recent research and developments in systems science, methods and tools, Hitchins has developed a unified systems methodology, employable when tackling virtually any problem, from the small technological, to the global socioecon

Author: A. Laurence Smith Jr.
Keywords: systems, based, hospital, healthcare, information
Number of Pages: 341
Published: 2007
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0979723647
ISBN-13: 9780979723643

Detailed How To book for the systems designer and hospital professional (or novice) to design, develop, program and implement Information Technology systems for the hospital and the various departments within the hospital. 343 pages, illustrated with charts, diagrams, questions to ask, templates and forms. Based on the author and his associates’ 30+ years experience and succeess world-wide in HIS.

Author: Patrick Mcdermott
Publisher: IUniverse
Keywords: systems, computer, development, meditations, analysis, art, zen
Number of Pages: 198
Published: 2002-11-21
List price: $17.95
ISBN-10: 0595256791
ISBN-13: 9780595256792

Stuck in a rut? Need to get outside the box? Don’t know what you’re doing? Try a little Zen Analysis. Whether you’re new to systems analysis—or have been there, done that and seen it all—but especially if you want to ponder the significance of information systems analysis in the scheme of the universe, this book is for you. The author brings a unique perspective to the problems of computer system analysis & design that will get your creative juices flowing. Chapters consider the essence of Analysis, Design, Consulting, Business, Economics, Culture, Methodology, and Model

Author: Charles Chien
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: systems, approach, chip, digital, radio
Number of Pages: 533
Published: 2001-01-15
List price: $179.00
ISBN-10: 0792372603
ISBN-13: 9780792372608

This book focuses on a specific engineering problem that is and will continue to be important in the forthcoming information age: namely, the need for highly integrated radio systems that can be embedded in wireless devices for various applications, including portable mobile multimedia wireless communications, wireless appliances, digital cellular, and digital cordless. Traditionally, the design of radio ICs involves a team of engineers trained in a wide range of fields that include networking, communication systems, radio propagation, digital/analog circuits, RF circuits, and process

Author: Mark W. Maier
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: systems, engineering, third, architecting, art
Number of Pages: 472
Published: 2009-01-06
List price: $99.95
ISBN-10: 1420079131
ISBN-13: 9781420079135

If engineering is the art and science of technical problem solving, systems architecting happens when you don’t yet know what the problem is. The third edition of a highly respected bestseller, The Art of Systems Architecting provides in-depth coverage of the least understood part of systems design: moving from a vague concept and limited resources to a satisfactory and feasible system concept and an executable program. The book provides a practical, heuristic approach to the "art" of systems architecting. It provides methods for embracing, and then taming, the growing complexity of modern s
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