Author: Margaret Bouchard
Publisher: Teaching Strategie
Keywords: strategies, learn, really, understand, content, nonfiction, teaching, materials, read, students, language, english, learners, research, reading, based, comprehension
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2005-11-01
List price: $18.99
ISBN-10: 0439554284
ISBN-13: 9780439554282

With this collection of research-based—and practical—strategies, mainstream classroom teachers can help ease the academic challenges English language learners often face by harnessing the opportunities provided by learning language in a meaningful context. Each strategy lesson identifies the level for which it is best suited and the TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Goals and Standards it meets, as well as key supporting research, questions to prompt reflection, and more.

Authors:Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Frances A. Karnes &, Kris
Publisher: Prufrock Press, Inc.
Keywords: strategies, gifted, series, education, practical, learners, acceleration, teaching
Number of Pages: 80
Published: 2005-01-01
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 159363014X
ISBN-13: 9781593630140

Acceleration, or the idea that gifted students should be allowed to move more quickly through a subject area, is a practice supported by a wide body of research. However, it can be a challenge to implement. This book focuses on multiple strategies for accelerating gifted children in any school setting.In this concise introduction to the topic, Dr. VanTassel-Baska offers many teacher-friendly ways in which acceleration can be employed in classrooms at all levels and in all subject areas. The author offers specific strategies for identifying candidates for acceleration, programmatic approaches t

Author: Keith M. Lewin
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: strategies, financing, sustainable, world, bank, paper, series, working, saharan, secondary, education, sub, africa
Number of Pages: 188
Published: 2008-03-04
List price: $25.00
ISBN-10: 0821371150
ISBN-13: 9780821371152

Investment in secondary schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa has been neglected since the World Conference on Education for All at Jomtien. The World Education Forum in Dakar began to recognize the growing importance of post-primary schooling for development. Only 25 percent of school-age children attend secondary school in the region-and fewer complete successfully, having consequences for gender equity, poverty reduction, and economic growth. As universal primary schooling becomes a reality, demand for secondary schools is increasing rapidly. Gaps between the educational levels of the labor force

Author: Guy Cohen
Publisher: FT Press
Keywords: strategies, practical, trading, guide, definitive, options, bible
Number of Pages: 400
Published: 2005-04-17
List price: $59.99
ISBN-10: 0131710664
ISBN-13: 9780131710665

For the first time: the world’s 60 best options trading strategies, all in one expert reference! *The practical, easy-to-use trading reference for every options trader. *Why each strategy works, when it’s appropriate, and how to use it -- step by step! *By Guy Cohen, creator of the Optionseasy system that’s helped thousands of traders achieve breakthrough results!

Authors:Ivan J., Barrick,
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publisher
Keywords: strategies, integrating, technology, management, health, care, transforming
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 2008-02-05
List price: $84.95
ISBN-10: 0763744506
ISBN-13: 9780763744502

Using straightforward, accessible language, this groundbreaking resource is a comprehensive primer on the most progressive tools and techniques currently used for assessing healthcare systems and healthcare process effectiveness. Typically these tools are embedded in programs such as Total Quality Management, continuous process improvement, process reengineering, protocol redesign, or most recently, Six Sigma and organizational transformation. Transforming Health Care Management presents an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach while focusing on fundamental concepts. It will thoroughly prepa

Authors:Kevin D. Besnoy, Ph.D.,
Publisher: Prufrock Press
Keywords: strategies, series, gifted, education, practical, students, twice, exceptional, successful
Number of Pages: 88
Published: 2005-06-01
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 1593631944
ISBN-13: 9781593631949

Some kids, including gifted students, have difficulties in school. A gifted student with learning disabilities may continuously struggle with certain areas of instruction, but never receive identification of or accommodation for their difficulties, because their gifts mask their disabilities. Gifted students with learning disabilities need unique instruction and a practical use of accommodations to succeed in school. It is important for educators to familiarize themselves with the definitions and characteristics of various learning disabilities, and learn the strategies they can use in the cla

Authors:William N. (Neil) Bender, Martha J. Larkin,
Publisher: Corwin Press
Keywords: strategies, difficulties, rti, learning, students, elementary, reading
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2009-01-12
List price: $38.95
ISBN-10: 141296069X
ISBN-13: 9781412960694

Packed with research-based strategies for use with RTI, this resource covers brain-compatible reading instruction for students with learning disabilities or reading difficulties.
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