Author: Norman S. Kopeika
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Keywords: spie, monograph, vol, pm38, press, system, approach, imaging, engineering
Number of Pages: 704
Published: 1998-03-09
List price: $86.00
ISBN-10: 0819423777
ISBN-13: 9780819423771

This textbook addresses imaging from the system engineering point of view, examining advantages and disadvantages of imaging in various spectral regions. Focuses on imaging principles and system concepts, rather than devices. Intended as a senior-year undergraduate or graduate level engineering textbook. A solution manual is included. Contents: - Electromagnetic Waves and Rays- Imaging- Radiometry and Photometry- Sources of Optical Radiation- Noise- Detector Concepts and Fundamentals- Diffraction- Diffraction-Limited Imaging- Modulation Contrast Function- Contrast-Limited Resolution and Targ

Author: Andrey S. Ostrovsky
Publisher: SPIE Publicatio
Keywords: monograph, spie, vol, pm164, mode, press, optics, coherent, representations
Number of Pages: 98
Published: 2006-06-06
List price: $61.00
ISBN-10: 0819463507
ISBN-13: 9780819463500

This book provides a single source of information on the problem of coherent-mode representations in optics, including new perspectives on its potential applications. In particular, the ’’light string’’ and the ’’light capillary’’ beams may be advantageously used in communications, measurements, microelectronics and microsurgery; the fast algorithm for bilinear transforms may be successfully applied to computer simulation and design of optical systems with partially coherent illumination. Contents - Preface - Coherent-Mode Representation of Opt

Author: Mark R. Chartrand
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Keywords: pm128, spie, press, monograph, communications, vol, satellite, nonspecialist
Number of Pages: 456
Published: 2004-04
List price: $86.00
ISBN-10: 0819451851
ISBN-13: 9780819451859

Based on Mark Chartrand’s highly successful seminar series, this book is a comprehensive introduction to satellite communications covering a broad sweep of regulatory, standards, economics, business, operational, and technical subjects. The text is easily readable, highly entertaining, and truly geared for the nontechnical. Dr. Chartrand employs his unique ability gained over two decades of teaching to explain complex technical and satellite applications to professionals in marketing, finance, law, public relations, and journalism, as well as personnel in ancillary fields and members of

Authors:Clarence E. Rash, Clarence E. Rash,
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Keywords: spie, press, monograph, vol, pm93, aircraft, wing, displays, mounted, design, issues, rotary, helmet
Number of Pages: 258
Published: 2001-01-25
List price: $71.00
ISBN-10: 0819439169
ISBN-13: 9780819439161

The incorporation of new technology into aviation has had an enormous impact. Advances in microelectronics, stealth technology, engine design, and electronic sensors and displays have converted simple aircraft into formidable flying machines. In this book, recognized experts in aviation helmet-mounted displays summarize 25 year of knowledge and experience in HMD visual, acoustic, and biodynamic performance, and user issues such as sizing, fitting, and emergency egress.Contents - Contributors - Foreword - Preface - Introductory Overview - Image Sources - Optical Designs - Visual Coupling - Opti

Author: Eberhard A. Spiller
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Keywords: vol, pm15, press, spie, ray, optics, monograph, soft
Number of Pages: 290
Published: 1994-08-10
List price: $71.00
ISBN-10: 0819416541
ISBN-13: 9780819416544

This text describes optics mainly in the 10 to 500 angstrom wavelength region. These wavelengths are 50 to 100 times shorter than those for visible light and 50 to 100 times longer than the wavelengths of medical x rays or x-ray diffraction from natural crystals. There have been substantial advances during the last 20 years, which one can see as an extension of optical technology to shorter wavelengths or as an extension of x-ray diffraction to longer wavelengths. Artificial diffracting structures like zone plates and multilayer mirrors are replacing the natural crystals of x-ray diffraction.

Author: Rudiger Paschotta
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Keywords: field, guide, spie, guides, vol, fg14, generation, laser, pulse
Number of Pages: 132
Published: 2008-10-30
List price: $37.00
ISBN-10: 0819472484
ISBN-13: 9780819472489

This Guide provides the essential information on laser pulse generation, including Q switching, gain switching, mode locking, and the amplification of ultrashort pulses to high energies. Pulse characterization is also covered, along with the physical aspects and various technical limitations. It is important to note that laser pulses span an enormously large parameter space in terms of pulse duration, pulse energy, and wavelength. This is possible only with a wide range of techniques, the most common of which are discussed in this Field Guide. This Guide is designed for industry practitioners,

Author: P. Rai-Choudhury
Publisher: SPIE-International Society for Optical Engine
Keywords: monograph, pm40, press, spie, microfabrication, micromachining, pm39, microlithography, vol, volume, handbook
Number of Pages: 692
Published: 1997-10-06
List price: $119.00
ISBN-10: 0819423793
ISBN-13: 9780819423795

Copublished with IEE. This handbook contains process details, recipes, tables, charts, etc., and is useful as a reference book or as a textbook. Eleven chapters cover key aspects of micromachining and microfabrication, including numerous device applications.
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