Author: George Kish
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keywords: source, sciences, history, geography, book, books
Number of Pages: 474
Published: 1978-09-08
List price: $106.00
ISBN-10: 0674822706
ISBN-13: 9780674822702

This remarkable volume presents a panorama of geographical writings from Hesiod to Humboldt, from the beginnings of geographical thought in the Western world to the emergence of topical specialization. It includes a wealth of material from non-Western sources, particularly Moslem and Chinese, that has not been collected before. The selections are arranged chronologically, and contain geographical theory, descriptions of terrestrial phenomena by early observers, and excerpts from major voyages of discovery. Some are obvious classics: Socrates on the nature of the Earth, Ezekiel’s des

Author: D. J. Struik
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keywords: source, sciences, history, mathematics, book, books
Number of Pages: 446
Published: 1969-01-01
List price: $102.50
ISBN-10: 0674823559
ISBN-13: 9780674823556

Authors:Libby V. Morris, Sammy Parker,
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: source, education, books, book, multiculturalism, academe
Number of Pages: 200
Published: 1996-03-01
List price: $145.00
ISBN-10: 0815317980
ISBN-13: 9780815317982

Examining college and university curricula, this annotated bibliography cites over 300 articles, books, and other works that document the impact of multiculturalism on higher education during the 1980s and 1990s. Included are writings that address change in both the traditional disciplines and the interdisciplinary fields of women’s studies, African American studies, and ethnic studies, with emphasis on other controversial works that focus on integrating the emerging scholarship into core curricula and on the evolution and current status of that scholarship.After an introduction to mult

Author: Daniel M. Yellin
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: source, notes, computer, science, lecture, translation, grammar, inversion, attribute
Number of Pages: 184
Published: 1988-05-17
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 3540190724
ISBN-13: 9783540190721

With the proliferation of computer languages and dialects, it is important to create tools to aid in the construction of source-to-source translators. By allowing users to make use of software (or data) written for another system, these tools form an important component in the quest for software reusability. After discussing the theoretical and practical issues of attribute grammar inversion, this book demonstrates how the technique can be used to build source-to-source translators. This is done by first identifying a common canonical form in which to represent the various source languages and

Author: Jean van Heijenoort
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keywords: source, books, history, logic, sciences, mathematical, gdel, book, frege
Number of Pages: 680
Published: 2002
List price: $37.00
ISBN-10: 0674324498
ISBN-13: 9780674324497

Gathered together in this book are the fundamental texts of the great classical period in modern logic. A complete translation of Gottlob Frege’s Begriffsschrift--which opened a great epoch in the history of logic by fully presenting propositional calculus and quantification theory--begins the volume. The texts that follow depict the emergence of set theory and foundations of mathematics, two new fields on the borders of logic, mathematics, and philosophy. Essays trace the trends that led to Principia mathematica, the appearance of modern paradoxes, and topics including proof theory, the

Authors:Ann Glannon, Andrea Hoffman,
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: source, book, books, education, classroom, school, games, manipulatives, elementary, kits
Number of Pages: 632
Published: 1993-03-01
List price: $195.00
ISBN-10: 0824053427
ISBN-13: 9780824053420

Anyone who needs to obtain educational materials for elementary-school students will want to consult this comprehensive source. The volume, which identifies and locates kits, games, and manipulatives, is organized into broad subject areas, including Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Health, and the Arts. Over 1,500 entries provide physical descriptions of the materials and indications of learning objectives or designed uses, as well as such information as grade level, price range, and the source from which the material can be obtained, with addresses.

Author: Jean van Heijenoort
Publisher: iUniverse
Keywords: source, books, history, logic, science, mathematical, gdel, book, frege
Number of Pages: 680
Published: 1999-12-06
List price: $32.95
ISBN-10: 158348597X
ISBN-13: 9781583485972

“Collected here in one volume are some thirty-six high quality translations into English of the most important foreign-language works in mathematical logic, as well as articles and letters by Whitehead, Russell, Norbert Weiner and Post…This book is, in effect, the record of an important chapter in the history of thought. No serious student of logic or foundations of mathematics will want to be without it.”-Review of Metaphysics“An invaluable work of reference and study. The selection of contents could hardly be bettered; those of the papers which were not originally in English have bee
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