Authors:Soil Survey Staff, Agriculture Dept. (U.S.), Soil Su
Publisher: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Keywords: taxonomy, soil, keys
Number of Pages: 344
Published: 2010-05-12
List price: $54.00
ISBN-10: 016085427X
ISBN-13: 9780160854279

Authors:L.P. Wilding, N.E. Smeck, G.F. Hall,
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Keywords: soil, developments, science, 11b, orders, taxonomy, pedogenesis, volume
Number of Pages: 410
Published: 1983-10-01
List price: $270.00
ISBN-10: 0444421378
ISBN-13: 9780444421371

Authors:Rosa Margesin, Franz Schinner,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: soil, bioremediation, biology, assessing, monitoring, analysis, manual
Number of Pages: 366
Published: 2005-09-01
List price: $209.00
ISBN-10: 3540253467
ISBN-13: 9783540253464

Reliable methods for monitoring and assessing soil quality are a prerequisite for successful soil bioremediation projects. The fifth volume of Soil Biology presents detailed descriptions of selected methods for evaluating, monitoring and assessing bioremediation treatments of soils contaminated with organic pollutants or heavy metals. Traditional soil investigation techniques, including chemical, physical and microbiological methods, are complemented by the most suitable modern methods, such as the use of bioreporter technology, immunological, ecotoxicological or molecular assays. Feasibility

Authors:Jean-Michel Gobat, Michel Aragno, Willy Matthey,
Publisher: Science Publishers
Keywords: soil, biology, science, fundamentals, living
Number of Pages: 602
Published: 2004-06-30
List price: $65.00
ISBN-10: 1578082102
ISBN-13: 9781578082100

This study looks at the fundamentals of soil science and soil biology, encompassing topics such as the building blocks of the soil system and bioremediation of contaminated soils.

Authors:F. Arendt, G.J. Annokkee, R. Bosman, W.J. van den Bri
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Keywords: soil, contaminated, berlin, germany, amp, environment, conference, kfk, vol, fourth, international, tno
Number of Pages: 2
Published: 1993-06-30
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0792323270
ISBN-13: 9780792323273

This volume is the result of the Fourth International KfK/TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil (Berlin, Germany, May 3-7, 1993) and contains over 300 contributions from about 20 countries. Contributions are centered around the following themes: I: Strategies and policies; legal, economic and social aspects. II: Risks. III: Management. IV: State of the art of applied remediating technologies (case studies, experiences, and evaluation). V: Research and development, emerging technologies. VI: Prevention of soil contamination. VII: Workshops.

Author: Scotland) International Reinforced Soil Conference
Publisher: Thomas Telford
Keywords: reinforced, soil, british, geotechnical, society, organized, international, structures, proceedings, performance, conference
Number of Pages: 485
Published: 1991-10-01
List price: $200.00
ISBN-10: 0727716379
ISBN-13: 9780727716378

This volume discusses all aspects of the performance of reinforced soil structures and offers innovative design solutions to ensure the successful behaviour of these structures. It analyses the theory, design and construction influences on the performance and reinforced soil structures, providing a wealth of comparative state-of-the-art technical data.

Author: Benno P Warkenti
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Keywords: soil, history, ideas, people, footprints
Number of Pages: 572
Published: 2006-05-05
List price: $93.95
ISBN-10: 0444521771
ISBN-13: 9780444521774

The history of science discipline is contributing valuable knowledge of the culture of soil understanding, of the conditions in society that fostered the ideas, and of why they developed in certain ways. This book is about the progressive "footprints" made by scientists in the soil. It contains chapters chosen from important topics in the development of soil science, and tells the story of the people and the exciting ideas that contributed to our present understanding of soils. Initiated by discussions within the Soil Science Society of America and the International Union of Soil Sciences, thi
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