Author: Udo Fritsching
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Keywords: simulation, metals, sprayforming, modeling, spray, numerical
Number of Pages: 286
Published: 2004-04-05
List price: $162.99
ISBN-10: 0521820987
ISBN-13: 9780521820981

Spray forming combines the metallurgical processes of metal casting and powder metallurgy to fabricate metal products with enhanced properties. This introduction to the various modelling and simulation techniques employed demonstrates how they are applied in process analysis and development. Udo Fritsching derives and describes the main models and then presents their application in the simulation of the key features of spray forming. Fritsching documents theoretical results by referencing them to experimental data wherever possible.

Author: Steffen Bangsow
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: simulation, examples, solutions, programming, simtalk, plant, manufacturing, usage
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 2010-07-07
List price: $109.00
ISBN-10: 3642050735
ISBN-13: 9783642050732

This book is a systematical introduction to the development of simulation models and the implementation and evaluation of simulation experiments with Plant Simulation. "Manufacturing Simulation with Plant Simulation and SimTalk" is aimed at all users of Plant Simulation looking for an easy entry into the program. A particular focus is on the introduction into the simulation flow language SimTalk and its use in various areas of the simulation. In over 100 examples the author shows, how the modules for simulation models combined, and how to deal with SimTalk complex control and analysis tasks. T

Author: Committee on Ship-Bridge Simulation Training
Publisher: National Academy Pre
Keywords: train, license, mariners, technology, simulation, voyages, using, simulated
Number of Pages: 284
Published: 1996-06-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0309053838
ISBN-13: 9780309053839

This book assesses the state of practice and use of ship-bridge simulators in the professional development and licensing of deck officers and marine pilots. It focuses on full-mission computer-based simulators and manned models. It analyzes their use in instruction, evaluation and licensing and gives information and practical guidance on the establishment of training and licensing program standards, and on simulator and simulation validation.

Author: Granino A. Korn
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Keywords: simulation, techniques, monte, carlo, replication, model, dynamic, system, advanced
Number of Pages: 221
Published: 2007-02-02
List price: $105.00
ISBN-10: 0470081880
ISBN-13: 9780470081884

Learn the latest techniques in programming sophisticated simulation systems This cutting-edge text presents the latest techniques in advanced simulation programming for interactive modeling and simulation of dynamic systems, such as aerospace vehicles, control systems, and biological systems. The author, a leading authority in the field, demonstrates computer software that can handle large simulation studies on standard personal computers. Readers can run, edit, and modify the sample simulations from the text with the accompanying CD-ROM, featuring the OPEN DESIRE program for Linux and

Authors:Koji Koyamada, Shinsuke Tamura, Osama Ono,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: simulation, asian, conference, applications, theory, modeling, systems
Number of Pages: 457
Published: 2007-02-23
List price: $99.00
ISBN-10: 4431490213
ISBN-13: 9784431490210

Authors:Tadej Tuma, Árpád Buermen,
Publisher: Birkhäuser Boston
Keywords: simulation, science, engineering, technology, modeling, theory, spice, opus, circuit, practice
Number of Pages: 399
Published: 2009-07-01
List price: $89.95
ISBN-10: 0817648666
ISBN-13: 9780817648664

This book is the first complete guide to analog circuit design using the circuit simulator software package SPICE OPUS. Developed by the authors and used by academics and industry professionals worldwide, SPICE OPUS is an improved version of the well-known University of California at Berkeley circuit simulator SPICE3 that has been freely available online since 2000. Aimed at novices as well as professional circuit designers, the book is a unique combination of a basic guide to general analog circuit simulation and a SPICE OPUS software manual. All simulations as well as the free simulator sof

Author: Ashish Tewari
Publisher: Birkhäuser Boston
Keywords: modeling, simulation, science, engineering, technology, simulink, matlab, dynamics, space, atmospheric, flight
Number of Pages: 556
Published: 2007-05-08
List price: $59.95
ISBN-10: 0817643737
ISBN-13: 9780817643737

Modern aerospace vehicles, such as the space shuttle, other launch vehicles, and long-range ballistic missiles, do not discriminate between atmospheric and space flight. Most texts on flight dynamics, however, make this artificial distinction and therefore do not simultaneously cover aircraft and spacecraft. Bridging this gap in the literature, Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics is a unified presentation, demonstrating that the two disciplines have actually evolved from the same set of physical principles. Key features: * Introduction to a broad range of modern topics in an accessible, ye
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