Author: Armin Töpfer
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: six, sigma, lean, design, german, und, kombination, erfolgreiche, von, management
Number of Pages: 366
Published: 2008-10-28
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 3540850597
ISBN-13: 9783540850595

Für viele Unternehmen stellt sich die Frage, wie sie die Vorteile von Lean Management, basierend auf der Philosophie des Toyota-Produktionssystems, mit den Wirkungen von Six Sigma, entsprechend der Konzeption von Motorola und General Electric, kombinieren. Hierzu zeigt das vorliegende Buch das Spektrum konzeptioneller Ansätze und vor allem Umsetzungserfahrungen in der Unternehmenspraxis. Beantwortet wird die Frage, wie sich Lean Management und Six Sigma wirkungsvoll kombinieren lassen, um Null-Fehler-Qualität ohne Verschwendung zu erreichen. Die Praktikerbeiträge behandeln die Wertstrom-An

Authors:Hubert, K Rampersad, Anwar El-Homsi,
Publisher: Information Age Publishing
Keywords: sigma, six, lean, tps, companies, performance, praise, creating, advance, capital, linking, human, new, blueprint
Number of Pages: 476
Published: 2007-09-25
List price: $83.25
ISBN-10: 1593118260
ISBN-13: 9781593118266

This new book emphasizes the introduction of a new blueprint, called TPS-Lean Six Sigma, for addressing the primary concerns of manufacturing and service in a more sustainable and humanized way. It leads to a High Performance Culture and allows employees to realize their full potential and contribute creatively while the organization benefits from increased profitability, market share, and customer satisfaction. By way of this book, Hubert Rampersad & Anwar El-Homsi are launching a revolutionary, holistic concept which actively has human capital embedded in Lean Six Sigma in a manner that not

Author: Paul A. Keller
Publisher: Quality Publishing, Inc.
Keywords: six, sigma, organization, implementing, deployment, guide
Number of Pages: 200
Published: 2001-06
List price: $34.95
ISBN-10: 0930011848
ISBN-13: 9780930011840

This book focuses on Six Sigma deployment strategy, the management commitment necessary for success, and the selection of personnel to lead the effort. It provides an overview of the Six Sigma methodology, then builds on these concepts with further detail relating to Management, Training, Projects and Metrics.

Author: James Rollins
Publisher: Harper
Keywords: sigma, novels, force, novel, black, order
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2007-05-29
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 0060765372
ISBN-13: 9780060765378

In Copenhagen . . . a suspicious bookstore fire propels Commander Gray Pierce on a relentless hunt across four continents—and into a terrifying mystery surrounding horrific experiments once performed in a now-abandoned laboratory buried in a hollowed-out mountain in Poland. In the mountains of Nepal . . . in a remote monastery, Buddhist monks inexplicably turn to cannibalism and torture—while Painter Crowe, director of Sigma Force, begins to show signs of the same baffling, mind-destroying malady . . . and Lisa Cummings, a dedicated American doctor, becomes the target of a brutal clande

Author: Kai Yang
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Keywords: six, sigma, methods, operational, service, design
Number of Pages: 512
Published: 2005-06-24
List price: $89.95
ISBN-10: 0071445552
ISBN-13: 9780071445559

The primary objective of this new book is to provide a comprehensive reference for those who work in a service industry setting. Unlike Design for Six Sigma a Roadmap for Product Development, this new book will address the 5 leading issues in the service industry, which are customer satisfaction, cost reduction, value improvement, change management and process performance measurements.

Author: Warren Brussee
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Keywords: six, sigma, principles, using, budget, achieving
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2010-05-19
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0071736751
ISBN-13: 9780071736756

All the value of six sigma--Immediate results now available without the overhead! In today’s economy, organizations need to improve quality, solve problems, and increase efficiencies on the fly—and Six Sigma has proven its worth to large and small companies around the world in all these areas. Written by a leading Six Sigma expert, Warren Brussee, Six Sigma on a Budget explains how you can use the principles of Six Sigma to see immediate results--all without expensive consultants or disruptive classes. Exclusive features of Six Sigma on a Budget: Written in plain En

Author: Quentin Brook
Publisher: QSB Consulting
Keywords: six, sigma, guide, practitioners, complete, minitab, toolbox
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 2006-10-23
List price: $49.99
ISBN-10: 0954681320
ISBN-13: 9780954681326

The long awaited 2nd edition of this bestselling pocket guide on Six Sigma contains a range of new tools and techniques including new Lean material and Improve tools. In addition it has been updated for Minitab 15 (whilst still compatible with versions 13 and 14). Cutting through Six Sigma s strange terminology and consultancy speak, this guide delivers Six Sigma in a down to earth, logical and user friendly format. Minitab: For each tool, this guide details how to enter the data into Minitab, interpret the results and avoid the common pitfalls. Interactive: All the data files and te
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