Author: Jennifer Trainer Thompson
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Keywords: season, celebrations, activities, companion, joy, traditions, family
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2008-05-01
List price: $16.95
ISBN-10: 1587611147
ISBN-13: 9781587611148

When a special activity evolves into a tradition within a family, it creates meaning, connection, and community and makes common occasions more momentous and memorable. Establishing a sense of stability and shared history has never been more important to parents than it is today, as families become more fractured and scattered. THE JOY OF FAMILY TRADITIONS offers more than 400 fresh ideas and creative approaches to cultivating birthday, anniversary, holiday, and other rite-of-passage and seasonal traditions that strengthen personal bonds and reflect a family’s individual style, spiritual

Author: Tom Stanton
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Keywords: season, ballpark, honoring, legend, american, detroit, last, fathers, sons, one, final, classic
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2002-05-08
List price: $14.99
ISBN-10: 0312291566
ISBN-13: 9780312291563

Maybe your dad took you to ball games at Fenway, Wrigley, or Ebbets. Maybe the two of you watched broadcasts from Yankee Stadium or Candlestick Park, or listened as Red Barber or Vin Scully called the plays on radio. Or maybe he coached your team or just played catch with you in the yard. Chances are good that if you’re a baseball fan, your dad had something to do with it--and your thoughts of the sport evoke thoughts of him. If so, you will treasure The Final Season, a poignant true story about baseball and heroes, family and forgiveness, doubts and dreams, and a place that brings the

Authors:Kathleen Fifield, Melcher Media, Editors of In Style
Publisher: InStyle
Keywords: style, season, weekend, work, guide, instant
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2006-10-24
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 1933405201
ISBN-13: 9781933405209

Ever been overwhelmed by a closet that feels like it’s filled with all the wrong pieces? Instant Style is the ultimate guide to streamlining, shopping for and maintaining your ideal wardrobe all year round. The book starts with the basics, outlining the essential clothes items for each season—winter coats, spring skirts, summer sandals, fall sweaters—and shows how to complement these with pieces that accentuate your personal style. Learn which tops go with what pants, what kind of boots look best with different skirts, how the right bag can change the entire look of an outfi

Author: Peter Robinson
Publisher: Recorded Books, LLC
Keywords: season, dry
Published: 2002
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1405090898
ISBN-13: 9781405090896

Detective chief inspector Alan Banks is a walking midlife crisis, full of rage because of his recently failed marriage, a career crippled by a jealous superior, and problems with his son. In less skilled hands, Banks could have quickly become a royal pain, but Robinson makes him instead a very likable character, who is slightly baffled and bemused by his bad luck. When he criticizes his son Brian’s decision to drop out of college to become a rock musician, Banks quickly regrets it--recognizing the same impulses that made him rebel against his own parents, and some of the pain he felt whe

Author: Peter Robinson
Publisher: Avon
Keywords: season, dry
Number of Pages: 480
Published: 2000-07-01
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 0380794772
ISBN-13: 9780380794775

In the blistering, dry summer, the waters of Thornfield Reservior have been depleted, revealing the ruins of the small Yorkshire village that lay at its bottom, bringing with it the unidentified bones of a brutally murdered young woman. Detective Chief Inspector Banks faces a daunting challenge: he must unmask a killer who has escaped detection for half a century. Because the dark secret of Hobb’s End continue to haunt the dedicated policeman even though the town that bred then has died--and long after its former residents have been scattered to far places...or themselves to the grave.

Author: Catherine Murdock
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Childre
Keywords: season
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2007-06-04
List price: $16.00
ISBN-10: 0618686959
ISBN-13: 9780618686957

Life is looking up for D.J. Schwenk. She’s in eleventh grade, finally. After a rocky summer, she’s reconnecting in a big way with her best friend, Amber. She’s got kind of a thing going with Brian Nelson, who’s cute and popular and smart but seems to like her anyway. And then there’s the fact she’s starting for the Red Bend High School football team—the first girl linebacker in northern Wisconsin, probably. Which just shows you can’t predict the future. As autumn progresses, D.J. struggles to understand Amber, Schwenk Farm, her relationship with Brian, and most of all her famil

Author: Arthur Yate
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Keywords: season
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 2007-09-19
List price: $15.99
ISBN-10: 1425942571
ISBN-13: 9781425942571

Many of the things we read in books are often written from an academic point of view, and while they may provide a few solutions to life’s challenges, they are not as profound and do not have the impact on our lives as those things that we live and experience. It was never my intention to write a book, but simply mull over in my own mind a few of my personal insights, and possibly share those insights with anyone else who was willing to listen. There are no special topics, only a collection of selected essays about the various challenges that now and then cross our paths. Perhaps in many
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