Authors:A. H. Kassam, H. T. Van Velthuizen, Gero W. Fischer,
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org
Keywords: resources, land, base, data, productivity, soil, reports, kenya, world, case, assessment, ecological, agricultural, development, agro, planning, study
Published: 1993-05
List price: $24.50
ISBN-10: 925103303X
ISBN-13: 9789251033036

Author: Eric D. Loucks Conference on Water Resources
Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineer
Keywords: water, resources, conference, management, annual, planning, proceedings, urban, environment, 25th
Number of Pages: 806
Published: 1998-05-01
List price: $94.00
ISBN-10: 0784403430
ISBN-13: 9780784403433

This proceedings, "Water Resources and the Urban Environment", contains extended abstracts presented at the ASCE 25th Conference on Water Resources Planning and Management held in Chicago, Illinois, June 8-10, 1998. While many of the papers address traditional topics such as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, protection of drinking supplies, and reservoir operation, more recent issues such as groundwater modeling, water resource problems in the developing world, and water quality of urban runoff are also explored. Some of the major topics discussed include: urban stormwater management; geograp

Author: Environment, and Resources Commission on Geoscienc
Publisher: National Academies Press
Keywords: resources, natural, value, economic, assigning
Number of Pages: 196
Published: 1994-01-01
List price: $54.75
ISBN-10: 0309051436
ISBN-13: 9780309051439

There has been a lot of discussion among policymakers, particularly within the Clinton Administration, about how to make U.S. economic indicators, such as GNP, more accurately reflect the state of the environment. This book explores the major issues and controversies involved in incorporating natural resources and the environment into economic accounts. The first section of the volume, based largely on a three-day workshop of experts in the field, explains the possibilities and pitfalls in so-called "green" accounting. This is followed by a selection of nine individually authored papers, inclu

Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: Diane Pub Co
Keywords: resources, directory, research, biomedical, technology
Published: 1996-06
List price: $25.00
ISBN-10: 0788141872
ISBN-13: 9780788141874

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org
Keywords: resources, soil, reports, world, systems, information, land, asia
Number of Pages: 104
Published: 2001-02
List price: $12.00
ISBN-10: 925104516X
ISBN-13: 9789251045169

Author: Dr. Robert Repetto
Publisher: Yale University Press
Keywords: resources, world, institute, century, book, new, possible, development, global
Number of Pages: 560
Published: 1985-01-28
List price: $52.00
ISBN-10: 0300035055
ISBN-13: 9780300035056

Overview of the state of the world’s threatened resources and realistic and politically practical corrective measures. 18 sections include population, ethics, economy, third world cities, agriculture, water, forestry, biological diversity, energy, atmosphere, and non-fuel minerals.

Authors:Tushar K. Ghosh, M.A. Prelas,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: resources, non, renewable, fundamentals, volume, systems, energy
Number of Pages: 780
Published: 2009-06-15
List price: $129.00
ISBN-10: 9048123828
ISBN-13: 9789048123827

This is a comprehensive book that addresses renewable, non-renewable, and future energy sources and their utilization. All current and potential future energy sources are discussed in great details including the type of energy, methods of converting the energy to useful forms, the engineering design issues associated with the energy conversion system, the efficiency of the conversion process, the economics of the conversion system, the risks associated with its use, the environmental impact and how it can be applied to meet the energy needs of the world. Current and future energy policy is dis
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