Author: Irving M. Gottlie
Publisher: Tab Book
Keywords: supplies, power, regulated
Number of Pages: 460
Published: 1992-05-01
List price: $28.95
ISBN-10: 0830625399
ISBN-13: 9780830625390

This book is geared to the practical needs of engineers, technicians, and hobbyists involved in the design, testing, and implementation of regulated power supplies. Irving M. Gottlieb has completely revised and updated this fourth edition to include step-by-step guidance for building the latest types of regulated power supplies. Gottlieb provides full coverage of standard power supply sources now found in a majority of applications. He also describes how new high frequency devices such as the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), the mos-controlled thyristor (MCT), and current- and resonan

Author: Irving M. Gottlieb
Publisher: TAB Books Inc
Keywords: supplies, power, regulated
Number of Pages: 464
Published: 1992-06-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0830625402
ISBN-13: 9780830625406

For engineers, technicians and hobbyists involved in the design, testing and implementation of regulated power supplies, this fourth edition is revised to include up-to-date guidance for building regulated power supplies. The author provides full coverage of standard power supply sources now found in the majority of applications. He also describes how new high frequency devices such as the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), the mos-controlled thyristor (MCT), and current- and resonant-mode regulators have reduced production costs and improved power supply efficiency and reliability.

Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers
Keywords: code, water, model, riparian, regulated
Number of Pages: 159
Published: 2003-11-05
List price: $88.00
ISBN-10: 0784406812
ISBN-13: 9780784406816

ASCE/EWRI Standard 40-03, Regulated Riparian Model Water Code provides a complete, comprehensive, and well-integrated statutory scheme for creating or refining a regulated riparian system of water law capable of dealing with the water management problems of the twenty-first century. This Code addresses the allocation of water to particular uses and the coordination of water allocation processes with water quality regulatory processes, while also addressing water conservation and transboundary management of water resources. The following topics are included: (1) Provides policy statements, whic

Author: Cedric Read
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: cfo, perspectives, world, regulated, value, creating
Number of Pages: 396
Published: 2006-12-01
List price: $75.00
ISBN-10: 0470013532
ISBN-13: 9780470013533

This book is about championing a move away from simply evaluating physical assets to understanding and evaluating the intangible value of an entity. It means moving beyond economic theory to reprioritise and change the organisation so that further value can be created via processes, systems, measures, skills, knowledge and strategy. It is also about mapping the intangible value chain. The book looks at value networks and, using real-life projects asks questions such as: What do company value networks look like How are they used to create value How can one ‘val

Author: D. W. Harding
Publisher: The Athlone Press
Keywords: austen, jane, essays, hatred, regulated
Number of Pages: 238
Published: 2000-12-01
List price: $72.00
ISBN-10: 0485121360
ISBN-13: 9780485121360

D.W. Harding was a rarity amongst literary critics since his academic career was passed as Professor of Psychology. Yet this professional occupation never obtruded. As Professor Knights writes in his Foreword, as a critic ’he was one of the most sanely subtle or subtly sane) of his generation’. His title essay, ’Regulated Hatred’, altered the course of Austen criticism, and this selection from the best of his writing about his favourite author (some of it previously unpublished) will be an important landmark in Austen criticism.

Author: Joseph Kost
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: delivery, drug, regulated, pulsed
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 1990-05-09
List price: $374.95
ISBN-10: 0849345464
ISBN-13: 9780849345463

This work focuses on several approaches to modulated control release systems, including polymers responding to external stimuli (pH glucose concentration), polymer drug-magnetic and ultrasonic systems. This book is aimed at the next generation of drug delivery systemsópumps that can be activated to provide different rates, polymers responding to pH stimuli, non-erodible polymers containing enzymes that cause the polymer to swell and regulate the rate of delivery in response to external stimuli, lectin drug systems that release additional drug due to the affinity of an external molecule for th

Author: José Rodríguez-Pérez
Publisher: Quality Press
Keywords: industry, regulated, fda, capa
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 2010-10-15
List price: $50.00
ISBN-10: 0873897978
ISBN-13: 9780873897976

Medical devices, biopharmaceutical, and traditional drug manufacturing companies devote an important part of their resources to dealing with incidents, investigations, and corrective and preventive actions. The corrective and preventive action system is known as the CAPA system. It is second to none in terms of frequency and criticality of its deviations, and most of the regulatory actions taken by the FDA and foreign regulators are linked to inadequate CAPA systems. This guidance book provides useful and up-to-date information about this critical topic to thousands of engineers, scientists, a
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