Author: Payment, and Performance Improvement Programs Comm
Publisher: National Academies Press
Keywords: quality, series, pathways, care, potential, health, maximizing, improvement, organization, program, medicare
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2006-08-18
List price: $59.95
ISBN-10: 0309101085
ISBN-13: 9780309101080

"Medicare’s Quality Improvement Organization Program" is the second book in the new "Pathways to Quality Health Care" series. Focusing on performance improvement, it considers the history, role, and effectiveness of the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) program and its potential to promote quality improvement within a changing health care delivery environment that includes standardized performance measures and new data collection and reporting requirements. This book carefully examines the QIOs that serve every state as well as the national program that guides and supports them. In

Authors:Asit P. Basu, Shyamaprasad Mukhopadhyay, Sujit K. Ba
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Keywords: quality, reliability, series, engineering, statistics, vol, productivity, indian, commemorating, volume, first, years, frontiers, association
Number of Pages: 400
Published: 1998-02
List price: $72.00
ISBN-10: 9810233604
ISBN-13: 9789810233600

Presents recent results in reliability theory by leading experts in the world. Valuable for researchers, & users of reliability theory. Consists of referred invited papers on a broad spectrum of topics in reliability. DLC: Reliability (Engineering).

Author: Committee on Assessment and Teacher QualityCenter
Publisher: National Academies Press
Keywords: teacher, improving, quality, tests, role, candidates, testing, licensure
Number of Pages: 360
Published: 2001-10-19
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 0309074207
ISBN-13: 9780309074209

Americans have adopted a reform agenda for their schools that calls for excellence in teaching and learning. School officials across the nation are hard at work targeting instruction at high levels for all students. Gaps remain, however, between the nation’s educational aspirations and student achievement. To address these gaps, policy makers have recently focused on the qualifications of teachers and the preparation of teacher candidates. This book examines the appropriateness and technical quality of teacher licensure tests currently in use, evaluates the merits of using licensure test

Authors:Dirk Meyerhoff, Begona Laibarra, Rob van der Pouw Kr
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: software, quality, tech, management, internet, testing, times
Number of Pages: 290
Published: 2002-05-28
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 3540426329
ISBN-13: 9783540426325

This publication deals with two hot challenges for project managers and testers. The first one is to deliver a software product within a competitive time and with a satisfying quality to the customer. The second is to deal with the growing complexity of software applications using Internet technology. Network infrastructure beyond the control of individual development projects is to be integrated as well as legacy software, security, and Web technology. Due to faster development cycles the quality of an application has to be monitored during operation, since the usage of the application and th

Authors:Novella Bartolini, Sotiris Nikoletseas, Prasun Sinha
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: heterogeneous, quality, security, robustness, telecommunications, engineering, reliability, conference, service, networks, international, icst, networking
Number of Pages: 812
Published: 2009-11-09
List price: $143.00
ISBN-10: 3642106242
ISBN-13: 9783642106248

This book constitutes the proceedings of two conferences: The 6th International ICST Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness (QShine 2009) and the 3rd International ICST Workshop on Advanced Architectures and Algorithms for Internet DElivery and Applications (AAA-IDWEA 2009). QShine is a very successfull series of conferences providing an international forum for the discussion and sharing of new research ideas on the design and implementation of Quality of Service (QoS) in heterogeneous wireless and wireline networks. The 19 papers presented at

Authors:Steven Dowd, Elwin Tilson, Richard R. Carlton,
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Keywords: quality, review, management, sciences, imaging, radiologic, exam
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2001-09-19
List price: $57.95
ISBN-10: 0766812588
ISBN-13: 9780766812581

Quality Management Exam Review for Radiologic Imaging Sciences is the only text available that is designed specifically as a study tool for the Quality Management examination offered by the ARRT. Containing over 600 questions -- three times the number of questions as the exam -- this text is an excellent assessment and education tool. In addition, for each question the rationale is offered for each correct answer and each incorrect distractor.

Authors:Wolfgang Glatzer, Susanne von Below, Matthias Stoffr
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: research, life, quality, social, series, theory, indicators, advances, contemporary, world, challenges, studies
Number of Pages: 375
Published: 2004-12-22
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 1402028903
ISBN-13: 9781402028908

The theme of the Fifth International Conference, organized by the International Society for Quality of Life Studies, was "challenges for the quality of life in the contemporary world". There are new threats and new prospects with regard to the quality of life in each generation, and securing and improving the quality of life constitute a never-ending task. Research related to these problems is of interest to specialists in science and politics as well as to a broader public consisting of those who are concerned with questions of the quality of life, happiness, life satisfaction, life domains,
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