Author: Eric Kenly
Publisher: How
Keywords: getting, printed, schedule, quality, control, costs, assure, imaging, work, printers, graphic, services
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2004-08-21
List price: $32.99
ISBN-10: 1581805772
ISBN-13: 9781581805772

Designers can save time, money and frustration with this essential guide to printing. Covering all of the topics that have made it a popular title for years, along with the latest developments in the industry, Getting It Printed features: * A comprehensive look at how to work with printers--everything from estimates, pricing and negotiating to trade customs and quality guidelines * Easy-to-follow explanations of the top printing processes and techniques * All of the information designers need to choose the right papers and inks for their projects * Hard-to-find knowledge about pro

Author: Dean Croushore
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
Keywords: card, gec, access, printed, resource, center, sticker, review, cards, amp, web, site
Number of Pages: 432
Published: 2009-11-23
List price: $64.95
ISBN-10: 0538745878
ISBN-13: 9780538745871

Examine the powerful role that today’s banking system plays in individual financial activities and how monetary policymaking shapes the world’s financial system with this innovative new approach to today’s principles of money and banking. Croushore’s innovative M & B was shaped by extensive input from today’s students and refined by numerous dedicated instructors to deliver an engaging, accessible book and online learning tools that meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. The book’s brief, focused approach reads like a business periodical as it

Author: British Museum Dept. of Printed Books
Publisher: BiblioLife
Keywords: museum, large, print, british, books, additions, printed, list
Number of Pages: 396
Published: 2008-08-21
List price: $33.75
ISBN-10: 0554519569
ISBN-13: 9780554519562

Author: Richard Benso
Publisher: Museum of Modern Art
Keywords: picture, printed
Number of Pages: 338
Published: 2008-10-01
List price: $60.00
ISBN-10: 0870707213
ISBN-13: 9780870707216

The Printed Picture traces the changing technology of picture-making from the Renaissance to the present, focusing on the vital role of images in multiple copies. The book surveys printing techniques before the invention of photography; the photographic processes that began to appear in the early nineteenth century; the marriage of printing and photography; and the rapidly evolving digital inventions of our time. From woodblocks to chromolithographs, from engravings to bar codes, from daguerreotypes to contemporary color photographs, the book succinctly examines the full range of pictorial pro

Author: Bridger
Publisher: Clearfield
Keywords: pedigrees, printed, index
Number of Pages: 392
Published: 2009-06-01
List price: $37.50
ISBN-10: 0806300493
ISBN-13: 9780806300498

Here is a guide to printed British genealogies, containing over 16,000 references to pedigrees in county histories, compendia, record and society publications, heralds’ visitations, etc., down to the time the work was originally published (1867). The arrangement is by counties for England and thereunder alphabetically by family name for each title analyzed, with special sections devoted to General Works, Visitations, etc. The compiler has facilitated research still further by means of a complete index to all families, which occupies nearly 100 pages and contains about 8,000 entries.

Author: Maurice Rickard
Publisher: Abbeville Pre
Keywords: ephemera, printed, collecting
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 1988-12-01
List price: $35.00
ISBN-10: 0896598934
ISBN-13: 9780896598935

Author: Walter C. Bosshart
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Inc.,US
Keywords: boards, circuit, printed
Number of Pages: 250
Published: 1984-09-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0074515497
ISBN-13: 9780074515495
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