Author: Kenneth France
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Keywords: person, immediate, handbook, intervention, crisis
Number of Pages: 305
Published: 2007-03-06
List price: $45.95
ISBN-10: 0398077126
ISBN-13: 9780398077129

Crisis intervention is offered in many settings. Examples include crisis centers, hotlines, Internet-based programs, mental health centers, college and university counseling centers, hospitals, schools, children and youth programs, correctional facilities, victim assistance programs, and other social service agencies. Staff members and interns in such organizations, as well as students in human services courses, have relied on earlier editions of CRISIS INTERVENTION—which one reviewer said "reads like a novel" and another described as "an excellent book with a wealth of information." The boo

Author: Sabine C. Hess
Publisher: Berghahn Books
Keywords: person, vanuatu, space, memory, pacific, contemporary, lava, vanua, place, ideas, ideals, practice, sociality
Number of Pages: 237
Published: 2009-07-30
List price: $95.00
ISBN-10: 1845455991
ISBN-13: 9781845455996

Concerned with contemporary notions of personhood and the relationship between persons and places, this book, presents a detailed insight into the Vanua Lavan’s engagement with modernity, and examines how they relate to the past, make sense of the present and anticipate the future. Marilyn Strathern’s claim that the Melanesian person is a dividual by and large holds for the Vanua Lavan person. But Vanua Lavans have also been exposed to, and creatively engaged with, what can be summarised under the term ’Western individualism’. The author draws together several themes, d

Author: Michelle T. Johnson
Publisher: Lawrence Hill Books
Keywords: black, person, guides, workplace, guide, working, success
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 2004-01-01
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 1556525109
ISBN-13: 9781556525100

This guide offers practical suggestions for black Americans to develop mental awareness, a psychological game plan, and an increased level of business savvy in order to negotiate the minefield of the white work world. Included are commonsense scenarios and real-life solutions that will help every black American to evaluate his or her options-from getting hired to getting fired, from adjusting one’s attitude to suing an employer. Tips are offered on how African Americans can fit their styles, mindsets, and history into the workplace, and insight is provided into how best to deal with situ

Author: Ronald H. Isaacs
Publisher: Jason Aronson
Keywords: person, guide, ronald, series, days, holy, isaacs
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 1998-12-01
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 0765760185
ISBN-13: 9780765760180

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Author: May Sarton
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Keywords: person, fur
Number of Pages: 106
Published: 1983-11
List price: $11.95
ISBN-10: 0393301311
ISBN-13: 9780393301311

A delightful, whimsical tale—one of the most popular books for cat lovers ever written, now newly illustrated. May Sarton’s fictionalized account of her cat Tom Jones’s life and adventures prior to making the author’s acquaintance begins with a fiercely independent, nameless street cat who follows the ten commandments of the Gentleman Cat—including "A Gentleman Cat allows no constraint of his person, not even loving constraint." But after several years of roaming, Tom has grown tired of his vagabond lifestyle, and he concludes that there might be some appeal after all

Author: Chris Hedge
Publisher: Free Pre
Keywords: war, person
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2003-06-09
List price: $13.99
ISBN-10: 0743255127
ISBN-13: 9780743255127

Acclaimed New York Times journalist and author Chris Hedges offers a critical -- and fascinating -- lesson in the dangerous realities of our age: a stark look at the effects of war on combatants. Utterly lacking in rhetoric or dogma, this manual relies instead on bare fact, frank description, and a spare question-and-answer format. Hedges allows U.S. military documentation of the brutalizing physical and psychological consequences of combat to speak for itself. Hedges poses dozens of questions that young soldiers might ask about combat, and then answers them by quoting from medical and psych

Author: T. P. Kasulis
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Keywords: zen, person, action
Number of Pages: 196
Published: 1989-02-01
List price: $12.00
ISBN-10: 0824810236
ISBN-13: 9780824810238
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