Authors:Cliff Isaacson, Meg Schneider,
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Keywords: birth, order, relationships, affects, effect, couples
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2004-01
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 1592330231
ISBN-13: 9781592330232

In his first book The Birth Order Effect, Cliff Isaacson took over where Alfred Adler left offùchallenging and expanding on traditional birth order theory, and showing readers how to determine their Birth Order Personality (not necessarily chronologically) and use that knowledge to understand themselves and others better. In The Birth Order Effect for Couples, Isaacson applies the Birth Order Effect specifically to relationships, showing readers how to use an understanding of their birth order personalities and that of their significant other to improve their relationships across the boardùe

Author: Ali A. Mazrui
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Keywords: order, world, working, paper, project, relations, models, north, cultural, frontier, monotheism, moving, south
Number of Pages: 20
Published: 1982-01-01
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 0911646116
ISBN-13: 9780911646115

Author: Christopher Alexander
Publisher: Center for Environmental Structure
Keywords: nature, order, building, universe, flexible, art, book, creating, life, process, essay
Number of Pages: 636
Published: 2003-10-01
List price: $75.00
ISBN-10: 0972652922
ISBN-13: 9780972652926

The processes of nature can make an infinite number of human faces, each one unique, each one beautiful. The same is true for daffodils, streams, and stars. But man-made creations-especially the towns and buildings of the 20th century-have only occasionally been really good, more often mediocre, and in the last 50 years have very often been deadly. What is the reason for the difference?In Book 2, Alexander explains in detail the kinds of process that are capable of generating living structure. The unfolding of living structure in natural systems is compared to the unfolding of buildings and to

Author: Christopher Alexander
Publisher: CES Publishing
Keywords: nature, order, building, art, universe, book, life, phenomenon, essay
Number of Pages: 476
Published: 2001-12-01
List price: $75.00
ISBN-10: 0972652914
ISBN-13: 9780972652919

What is happening when a place in the world has life? And what is happening when it does not? In Book 1 of this four-volume work, Alexander describes a scientific view of the world in which all space-matter has perceptible degrees of life, and sets this understanding of living structure as an intellectual basis for a new architecture.He identifies fifteen geometric properties which tend to accompany the presence of life in nature, and also in the buildings and cities we make. These properties are seen over and over in nature, and in cities and streets of the past, but have all but disappeared

Author: Tyler G. Hicks
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Keywords: mail, businesses, order, money, little, revised, profitable, start
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2000-01-27
List price: $15.95
ISBN-10: 0761521305
ISBN-13: 9780761521303

Make a Mint by Mail Order!Sell computers, vitamins, clothing, or gourmet foods. Create and sell newsletters on almost any topic. Make and sell your favorite arts and crafts. Would you like to join the booming mail-order business? You can! Bestselling author Ty Hicks shows you how. You don’t need a lot of money, years of experience, or a college education—just a mailing address and the desire to deliver products and services quickly for the best value your customers can get. Ty Hicks explains in clear, easy steps how to start your mail-order business today, including:·Getting started quick

Author: Myres McDougal
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: public, international, law, order, studies, world, haven, vol, new, oceans, sea, contemporary
Number of Pages: 1300
Published: 1987-12-01
List price: $414.50
ISBN-10: 0898389011
ISBN-13: 9780898389012

Authors:Order of St Helena, The Order of St Helena,
Publisher: Church Publishing
Keywords: personal, breviary, helena, saint
Number of Pages: 1000
Published: 2006-05-20
List price: $60.00
ISBN-10: 0898695163
ISBN-13: 9780898695168
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