Author: Chih-Hsiun Tu
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
Keywords: online, learning, collaborative, building, community, designs, twenty, communities, one
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 2004-12-30
List price: $40.00
ISBN-10: 1591581559
ISBN-13: 9781591581550

Applicable at every academic level and in any subject, the text offers practical guidelines that are based on effective, current theories, and the extensive online teaching experience of the author. The book details 21 effective designs with guidelines, strategies, examples, and tips to assist readers in designing their own Online Collaborative Learning Community regardless of grade level, or delivery system (online, face-to-face, or mixed).

Authors:Mark Emery Bolles, Richard N. Bolle,
Publisher: Ten Speed Pre
Keywords: job, sites, online, hunting, assessment, networking, niche, internet, counseling, tools, research, guide, listings, message, boards, underweb
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2008-05-01
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 1580088996
ISBN-13: 9781580088992

The Internet can be an invaluable tool in any job hunt--but only when you know how to use it. Cowritten by career guru Richard Nelson Bolles and his son, nontraditional career expert Mark Emery Bolles, JOB-HUNTING ONLINE helps job seekers navigate the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet to find the most useful sites and avoid common pitfalls. Filled with hundreds of annotated website recommendations and newly reorganized to follow the action steps of a successful job hunt, this time-saving desktop guide is essential to an effective online job search.

Authors:Roberta L. Hines MD, Katherine MD Marschall MD,
Publisher: Saunders
Keywords: online, print, consult, expert, title, anesthesia, existing, disease, stoelting
Number of Pages: 688
Published: 2008-04-25
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 1416039988
ISBN-13: 9781416039983

Today’s leading authorities present the succinct, yet thorough guidance you need to successfully avoid or manage complications stemming from pre-existing medical conditions. Organized by disease, the new edition of this popular guide has been completely revised and updated to reflect the latest information on definition, current pathophysiology, significant pre-, intra-, and postoperative factors of the disease process, anesthetic judgment, and management. A new, more user-friendly design and organization-and completely redrawn illustrations-make reference easier than ever. And now, as a

Authors:Thomas J. Errico MD, Baron S. Lonner MD, Andrew W. M
Publisher: Saunders
Keywords: online, print, consult, expert, title, management, spinal, deformities, surgical
Number of Pages: 560
Published: 2008-11-11
List price: $249.00
ISBN-10: 1416033726
ISBN-13: 9781416033721

Authors:David J. Slutsky MD FRCS, A. Lee Osterman MD,
Publisher: Saunders
Keywords: consult, expert, online, print, title, edge, cutting, injuries, distal, radius, carpus, fractures
Number of Pages: 592
Published: 2008-12-12
List price: $229.00
ISBN-10: 1416040838
ISBN-13: 9781416040835

Recognized experts from around the world bring you "cutting-edge" guidance on the treatment of distal radius fractures and carpal injuries. Practical and comprehensive, you’ll find detailed coverage of the treatment and causes of ulnar sided wrist pain, as well as the latest arthroscopic and mini-invasive techniques for the fixation of both distal radius fractures and scaphoid fractures. The user-friendly format features practical tips, pearls, and potential pitfalls to help optimize outcomes. Best of all, intraoperative videos of 44 techniques available on DVD and online make this an ou

Authors:David G. Bostwick MD MBA FCAP, Liang Cheng MD,
Publisher: Mosby
Keywords: online, print, consult, expert, title, surgical, pathology, urologic
Number of Pages: 1024
Published: 2008-06-26
List price: $311.00
ISBN-10: 0323019706
ISBN-13: 9780323019705

Completely revised with practical guidance in daily urological pathology sign-out and the latest recommended diagnostic approaches, the new edition of this comprehensive reference equips you to accurately diagnose specimens of the entire urinary tract and male reproductive system plus the adrenal glands. It begins with a look at normal anatomy and histology for each organ system...followed by discussions of the pathology of congenital anomalies, inflammations, non-neoplastic diseases and neoplasia. An emphasis on clinicopathologic and radiographic-pathologic correlations makes this a true diag

Author: Jerome F. Strauss III MD PhDRobert L. Barbieri M
Publisher: Saunders
Keywords: consult, online, print, expert, title, endocrinology, amp, jaffe, reproductive, yen
Number of Pages: 944
Published: 2009-05-27
List price: $239.00
ISBN-10: 141604907X
ISBN-13: 9781416049074

Thoroughly revised and now enhanced with color artwork, the new edition of this premier reference continues to offer the latest information on the diagnosis and management of reproductive endocrine disorders. National and international leaders from the field of reproductive endocrinology-including 30 new authors-equip you with coverage that encompasses the full spectrum of reproductive pathophysiology and disorders, from pregnancy and birth to reproductive aging. Full-color illustrations and new drawings provide a real-life depiction of basic cell structures and endocrine responses for a bette
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