Author: Michael D. Sheimo
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill
Keywords: mutual, fund, examine, investing, explain, essential, rules, axioms
Number of Pages: 247
Published: 1999-11-18
List price: $18.95
ISBN-10: 007135025X
ISBN-13: 9780071350259

In just one generation’s time, mutual funds have become an inescapable factor in America’s financial picture. From fewer than 10 million mutual fund accounts in 1977, fund companies now report more than 135 million accounts--with more than 75 times the net assets! In that same time, the number of available funds has also skyrocketed, from just over 425 mutual fund companies to nearly 6,000, with risk/reward possibilities that are as widespread and perplexing as the market itself. So while mutual funds have proven to be a low-maintenance, effective way for Americans to build wealth

Author: Christine Benz
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: mutual, fund, workbook, level, investing, portfolio, diversify, morningstar
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2004-12-29
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0471711861
ISBN-13: 9780471711865

The Morningstar Investment Coach: Building a Diversified Portfolio allows readers to take the next step in their mutual fund journey. With discussions of topics such as gauging risk and return together, how to choose index and international funds, and the importance of knowing your mutual fund manager, this practical guide will help readers sharpen their mutual fund investing skills.

Author: Christine Benz
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: mutual, fund, workbook, level, investing, returns, maximize, morningstar
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 2005-01-04
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 047171187X
ISBN-13: 9780471711872

For those ready to move on to a higher level of mutual fund investing, The Morningstar Investment Coach: Maximizing Returns and Staying on Track is the ideal resource. Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice-including how to bear-proof your portfolio, calculate your personal rate of return, and rebalance your portfolio-this guide will add advanced techniques to the sophisticated investor’s mutual fund investing toolbox.

Author: Alan Northcott
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company (FL)
Keywords: mutual, funds, returns, safely, rates, amp, book, invest, earn
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2008-04-01
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 1601380011
ISBN-13: 9781601380012

Over the past decade, American investors increasingly have turned to mutual funds to save for retirement and meet other financial goals. Mutual funds can offer the advantages of diversification and professional management. It pays to understand both the upside and the downside of mutual fund investing and how to choose products that match your goals and tolerance for risk. As with other investment choices, investing in mutual funds involves risk, fees, and taxes. This new book explains the basics of mutual fund investing how mutual funds work, what factors to consider before investing, and how

Author: Christine Benz
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: fund, mutual, level, workbook, morningstar, right, investing
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2004-12-29
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0471711853
ISBN-13: 9780471711858

The Morningstar Investment Coach: Finding the Right Funds allows readers to take their first steps in the world of mutual funds with confidence. Filled with informative topics such as how to purchase a fund and how to find a fund’s total return, as well as important fund documents, this guide has been designed to give readers a solid mutual fund investing foundation.

Publisher: Wolf Publishing
Keywords: funds, mutual, trouble
Number of Pages: 95
Published: 2010-06-20
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1587830221
ISBN-13: 9781587830228

The Trouble With Mutual Funds, Richard Rutner. Get behind the scenes of the modern mutual fund industry and discover the real reasons that mutual funds perform so poorly. Discover what is wrong with the very idea of a mutual fund. See how the big fund companies have been neglecting the basics of portfolio investing, and how the industry is hard at work keeping investors in the dark.

Author: Peter Kropotkin
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
Keywords: aid, mutual
Number of Pages: 372
Published: 2009-08-01
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 1605206644
ISBN-13: 9781605206646

Oscar Wilde deemed his life "perfect," and described him as a man with "a soul of that beautiful white Christ which seems coming out of Russia." He is PETER ALEXEYEVICH KROPOTKIN (1842-1921), communist advocate and "anarchist prince." Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, first published in 1902, is his best known book. Written as a series of essays for a British literary journal, this intriguing work filters concepts of evolution through Kropotkin’s appreciation for altruism and anarchy, positing cooperation not merely as a beneficial political concept but as an approach that has been-a
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