Author: Paul Kingsbury
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: music, guide, ultimate, encyclopedia, country
Number of Pages: 664
Published: 2004-12-16
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 0195176081
ISBN-13: 9780195176087

To its millions of fans, country music is America’s music, offering a window into the sweet dreams and cruel disappointments of ordinary American lives. Now the renowned Country Music Foundation, custodian of Nashville’s legendary Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, has compiled a fascinating and infinitely useful guide to this beloved musical genre--The Encyclopedia of Country Music. Nearly 1,300 alphabetical entries put eight decades of country music at readers’ fingertips, from the earliest ’20s recordings of the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers to the R

Author: Victor L. Wooten
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Keywords: music, growth, search, spiritual, lesson
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2008-04-01
List price: $16.00
ISBN-10: 0425220931
ISBN-13: 9780425220931

From Grammy-winning musical icon and legendary bassist Victor L. Wooten comes The Music Lesson, the story of a struggling young musician who wanted music to be his life, and who wanted his life to be great. Then, from nowhere it seemed, a teacher arrived. Part musical genius, part philosopher, part eccentric wise man, the teacher would guide the young musician on a spiritual journey, and teach him that the gifts we get from music mirror those from life, and every movement, phrase, and chord has its own meaning...All you have to do is find the song inside.

Author: Colin Lee
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: music, aids, musician, therapy, edge, experiences
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 1996-08-14
List price: $47.50
ISBN-10: 0415124646
ISBN-13: 9780415124645

Through the words of the therapist and the music of the patient Music at the Edge allows the reader to experience a complete music therapy journey. Frances, a trained musician who was facing death from AIDS, challenged Colin Lee, the music therapist, to help him clarify his feelings about living, and dying. In doing so he helped the therapist to clarify some of his feelings about this particularly demanding form of therapeutic work and to question the framework of the therapeutic relationship in palliative care.Music at the Edge is a complete music therapy case study. The CD of extracts from i

Author: Thom Holmes
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: music, culture, technology, electronic, experimental
Number of Pages: 480
Published: 2008-03-31
List price: $126.00
ISBN-10: 0415957818
ISBN-13: 9780415957816

Electronic and Experimental Music: Technology, Music, and Culture provides a thorough treatment of the relevant history behind the marriage of technology and music that has led to the state of electronic music today. Beginning with an early history of electronic music before 1945, the book outlines key composers, inventions, and concepts, ranging from Edgard Varèse to Brian Eno; musique concrète to turntablism; and compositional techniques used in both analog and digital synthesis. The third edition’s reader-friendly writing style, logical organization, and features provide easy access

Author: S. Porter
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: music, theory, number, introduction, comprehensive, workbook
Number of Pages: 45
Published: 1986-01-01
List price: $17.95
ISBN-10: 0935016848
ISBN-13: 9780935016840

Author: Eduardo Miranda
Publisher: Focal Press
Keywords: music, technology, computers, composing
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2001-06-13
List price: $75.95
ISBN-10: 0240515676
ISBN-13: 9780240515670

Focuses on the role of the computer as a generative tool for music composition. Miranda introduces a number of computer music composition techniques ranging from probabilities, formal grammars and fractals, to genetic algorithms, cellular automata and neural computation. Anyone wishing to use the computer as a companion to create music will find this book a valuable resource. As a comprehensive guide with full explanations of technical terms, it is suitable for students, professionals and enthusiasts alike. The accompanying CD-ROM contains examples, complementary tutorials and a number of com

Authors:Rene T. A. Lysloff, Jr. Leslie C. Gay,
Publisher: Wesleyan
Keywords: music, culture, technoculture
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2003-10-29
List price: $32.95
ISBN-10: 0819565148
ISBN-13: 9780819565143

Explores the rich relationship between technology, music and culture.
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