Authors:Aspatore Books Staff, Stephen Jones, T. Michael Glen
Publisher: Aspatore Books
Keywords: leading, marketers, series, inside, minds
Number of Pages: 227
Published: 2003-01-01
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 1587620537
ISBN-13: 9781587620539

Inside the Minds: Leading Marketers features chief marketing officer level executives from The Coca-Cola Company, General Electric, FedEx, American Express, Yahoo!, Best Buy, Verizon, Unilever and Major League Baseball. These visionary marketers share their knowledge on the art of building and growing a brand, best marketing for the buck, the golden rules of marketing, the everlasting effects of the Internet and technology, public relations, advertising, the future of marketing and other important topics. An unparalleled look inside the world of marketing makes for exciting and highly interest

Author: Peter C. Weigli
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Keywords: marketers, math, survival
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2002-07-15
List price: $35.95
ISBN-10: 0761916326
ISBN-13: 9780761916321

This book provides an introduction to the underlying mathematical concepts in marketing and management in terms accessible to students of all levels. Weiglin also explains the relevant non-mathematical issues, such as price sensitivity, product distribution, and sales estimates, and provides the tools necessary to fully understand the basics of each. Presented in an irreverent, conversational style, this book includes numerous real-world examples and illustrations that gently introduce the reader to the important mathematical concepts behind marketing and management. Intended for students and

Author: Richard Parkes Cordock
Publisher: EWL Publishing
Keywords: marketers, employees
Number of Pages: 56
Published: 2009-04-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0955298628
ISBN-13: 9780955298622

Author: Hy Mariampolski
Publisher: SAGE Publicatio
Keywords: immersion, consumer, guide, marketers, ethnography
Number of Pages: 264
Published: 2005-06-21
List price: $53.95
ISBN-10: 0761969470
ISBN-13: 9780761969471

Ethnography, with its focus on observed everyday behavior, is quickly becoming the method of choice to identify unmet needs, stimulate novel insights, create strategies and develop new ideas. Hy Mariampolski, author of Qualitative Market Research: A Comprehensive Guide (Sage, 2001) again takes readers on a voyage of discovery in Ethnography for Marketers. These two companion works are essential guides for marketers seeking rich insights into their customers? thoughts and behaviors.

Author: Neale Martin
Publisher: FT Press
Keywords: ignore, marketers, behavior, 95%, habit
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2008-07-06
List price: $24.99
ISBN-10: 0131357956
ISBN-13: 9780131357952

80% of new products fail. Billions of advertising pounds are wasted every year. Even "satisfied customers" abandon companies at the drop of a hat. How can this be? How can so many brilliant marketers and product developers be failing so thoroughly? Here’s how: they’ve focused their vast resources almost exclusively on the conscious mind, but it’s the unconscious mind that controls 95% of human behaviour. In Habit, Dr. Neale Martin presents powerful new research that reveals how the mind actually works and explains in practical detail the implications of this new science for

Author: Neale Martin
Publisher: FT Press
Keywords: ignore, marketers, behavior, 95%, habit
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2009-12-05
List price: $29.99
ISBN-10: 013707011X
ISBN-13: 9780137070114

“The Samsung Instinct was designed to be habit forming. Inspired by pioneering work by Dr. Neale Martin, Sprint and Samsung created the Instinct interface from the bottom up to work the way your brain works.” —Doug Rossier, Sprint Instinct Marketing Lead   “In Habit, Neale Martin provides what seems to be a simple observation—that human behavior is largely managed through subconscious process. In startling fashion, Martin makes this point and then proceeds to undermine much of what marketers have come to believe as absolute truths. This is a worthwhile read, with significant impl

Author: Dick Martin
Publisher: AMACOM
Keywords: works, marketers, masters, marketing, secrets
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2009-05-15
List price: $24.00
ISBN-10: 0814409431
ISBN-13: 9780814409435

All the rules of marketing are up for grabs. Markets are fragmenting and globalizing; consumers have greater control over when and what media they watch; and digital technologies have changed how people shop, work and relax. But a small number of senior marketing leaders have tapped into the secrets of what engages consumers and keeps them coming back. This book reveals the keys to their success. Featuring exclusive interviews with experts from Ogilvy and Mather, Digitas, and Booz Allen Hamilton, "Secrets of the Marketing Masters" offers tips drawn from the experiences of the world’s top
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