Authors:B. Keith Simerson, Michael L. Venn,
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Keywords: manager, leader
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 2006-06-30
List price: $34.95
ISBN-10: 0275990109
ISBN-13: 9780275990107

An invisible line between individual contributor and leader was once thought to exist, separating "leaders" from "followers." Two decades of downsizings and rightsizings have forever blurred this distinction and left us with three fundamental challenges: (1) How can an organization elicit leadership from everyone?; (2) How can those who choose to lead influence others to perform more effectively and efficiently than they ever thought possible?; (3) How can leaders continue to be successful when the environment in which they lead is constantly changing? Addressing these challenges requires a ce

Authors:Judy Whichard, Nathalie L. Kees,
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Keywords: manager, facilitator
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 2006-06-30
List price: $34.95
ISBN-10: 0275989852
ISBN-13: 9780275989859

Anyone who manages more than one direct report becomes, de facto, a team leader, mediator, and communicator extraordinaire. From meetings to training exercises to brainstorming sessions, managers are called upon to lead groups--defining goals and tasks, creating a climate of mutual support, and bridging differences among members to collaborate and innovate. Drawing from their extensive research, teaching, and practical application in the field of counseling and group dynamics, the authors show readers how to master the role of "facilitator"--one who engages others in dialogue, resolves conflic

Author: Joseph T. Straub
Publisher: Velocity Business Publishing
Keywords: agile, manager, statements, series, understanding, guide, financial
Number of Pages: 96
Published: 1998-04
List price: $11.95
ISBN-10: 0965919358
ISBN-13: 9780965919357

Authors:Kerrie Meyler, Cameron Fuller,
Publisher: Sams
Keywords: operations, manager, preview, mom, unleashed, microsoft
Number of Pages: 984
Published: 2006-12-09
List price: $64.99
ISBN-10: 067232928X
ISBN-13: 9780672329289

This book is your most complete source for in-depth information about Microsoft Operations Manager 2005!   Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Unleashed provides a comprehensive guide to Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. MOM is a tool that helps implement operations management, but it is not a piece of software that you can simply install and instantly have working.   This book provides reference material that will guide you through the steps to design, deploy, and configure MOM within your environment. You learn how to tune your MOM environment and tackle common challenges, such a

Author: Brian Lawley
Publisher: Happy About
Keywords: product, manager, career, acceleration, satisfaction, success, guide, phenomenal, job
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 2009-09-03
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 1600051340
ISBN-13: 9781600051340

Product management is one of the most dynamic and exciting careers around. Yet many product managers find themselves frustrated because of the unique challenges it presents. There are many books on the mechanics and core principles of product management, such as how to gather and write requirements, build roadmaps and perform other tasks. But there is no book that tells you the rest of the story -- the strategies, tactics and techniques that will turn you into a great product manager. ’The Phenomenal Product Manager’ goes beyond the basics and teaches you how to work more effect

Author: Dave McComb
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Keywords: manager’s, savvy, guides, guide, business, semantics, systems
Number of Pages: 397
Published: 2003-09-24
List price: $50.95
ISBN-10: 1558609172
ISBN-13: 9781558609174

Semantics in Business Systems begins with a description of what semantics are and how they affect business systems. It examines four main aspects of the application of semantics to systems, specifically: How do we infer meaning from unstructured information, how do application systems make meaning as they operate, how do practitioners uncover meaning in business settings, and how do we understand and communicate what we have deduced? This book illustrates how this applies to the future of application system development, especially how it informs and affects Web services and business rule- base

Authors:J. David Spiceland, James Sepe, Mark Nelson, Lawre
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwi
Keywords: homework, manager, accounting, mcgraw, accompany, card, intermediate
Published: 2008-07-18
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0073324523
ISBN-13: 9780073324524
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