Author: Heinrich Julius Klaproth
Publisher: Harrassowitz
Keywords: und, bibliographien, dokumentationen, german, orientalistik, dokumente, klaproth, briefe, julius
Number of Pages: 235
Published: 1999
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3447041439
ISBN-13: 9783447041430

Author: Julius Evola
Publisher: Edizioni mediterranee
Keywords: evola, italian, julius, opere, terzo, reich, fascismo
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2001
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 8827213937
ISBN-13: 9788827213933

Author: Julius Caesar Hendrix
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Keywords: drums, thunder, hendrix, caesar, julius, transformation
Number of Pages: 226
Published: 2007-04-30
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 1419666800
ISBN-13: 9781419666803

Julius Caesar Hendrix’s biography, Transformation: ’Drums of Thunder’ chronicles his struggle with the dark shadows of success in the music industry, personal tragedies and the ultimate triumph of reaching out with music to troubled youth. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Julius got his first drum set at eight and has entertained audiences ever since. At 15 he started his first band. At 17 they began to play Savannah’s lounge circuit under the name ’Special Edition’ and quickly rose to become a national touring success in the ’80s and ’90s. Lessons lea

Author: Julius Lester
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Keywords: tears, day
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2007-04-01
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 1423104099
ISBN-13: 9781423104094

On March 2 and 3, 1859, the largest auction of slaves in American history took place in Savannah, Georgia. More than 400 slaves were sold. On the first day of the auction, the skies darkened and torrential rain began falling. The rain continued throughout the two days, stopping only when the auction had ended. The simultaneity of the rain storm with the auction led to these two days being called "the weeping time." Master storyteller Julius Lester has taken this footnote of history and created the crowning achievement of his literary career. Julius Lester tells the story of several characters

Author: Julius Lester
Publisher: Graphia
Keywords: mom, killed, dad
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 2003-06-01
List price: $6.95
ISBN-10: 0152046984
ISBN-13: 9780152046989

Jenna and Jeremy knew their parents’ marriage was in trouble. But no one could have predicted what would come next. Now with Mom dead and Dad in jail, Jenna and Jeremy must re-create a family of their own. But each guards a secret that could send their fragile new lives into a tailspin. Newbery Honor winner Julius Lester paints a dramatic portrait of a family forced to confront the unimaginable. Reader’s guide included.

Publisher: Averill Press
Keywords: caesar, julius
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 2007-10-26
List price: $28.45
ISBN-10: 1408629518
ISBN-13: 9781408629512

S H A K E S P E A R E -- PREFACE The text of this edition of Julius Casar is based upon a collation of the seventeenth century Folios, the Globe edition, and that of Delius. As compared with the text of the earlier editions of Hudsons Shakespeare, it is conservative. Exclusive of changes in spelling, punctuation, and stage directions, very few emendations by eighteenth century and nineteenth century editors have been adopted and these, with every variation from the First Folio, are indicated in the textual notes. These notes are printed immediately below the text so that a reader or student m

Author: Julius Wellhausen
Publisher: BiblioBazaar
Keywords: prolegomena
Number of Pages: 676
Published: 2007-03-23
List price: $34.99
ISBN-10: 1426417276
ISBN-13: 9781426417276

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