Author: John F. Christgau
Publisher: Bison Books
Keywords: internment, alien, war, world, enemies
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 2009-10-01
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 0803228066
ISBN-13: 9780803228061

They were called aliens and enemies. But the World War II internees John Christgau writes about were in fact ordinary people victimized by the politics of a global war. The Alien Enemy Control Program in America was born with the United States’s declaration of war on Japan, Germany, and Italy and lasted until 1948. In all, 31,275 “enemy aliens” were imprisoned in camps like the one described in this book—Fort Lincoln, just south of Bismarck, North Dakota. In animated and suspenseful prose, Christgau tells the stories of several individuals whose experiences are representative of those a

Author: Peter Irons
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: internment, cases, american, japanese, war, story, justice
Number of Pages: 415
Published: 1993-06-10
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 0520083121
ISBN-13: 9780520083127

Justice at War irrevocably alters the reader’s perception of one of the most disturbing events in U.S. historythe internment during World War II of American citizens of Japanese descent. Peter Irons’ exhaustive research has uncovered a government campaign of suppression, alteration, and destruction of crucial evidence that could have persuaded the Supreme Court to strike down the internment order. Irons documents the debates that took place before the internment order and the legal response during and after the internment.

Author: Alice Yang Murray
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin’s
Keywords: work, historians, americans, japanese, internment
Number of Pages: 162
Published: 2000-04-21
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0312208294
ISBN-13: 9780312208295

During World War II, over 120,000 Japanese Americans were removed and confined for four years in sixteen camps located throughout the western half of the United States. Yet the internment of Japanese Americans in concentration camps remains a largely unknown episode of World War II history. Indeed, many of the internees themselves do not wish to speak of it, even to their own family members. In these selections, Alice Yang Murray invites students to investigate this event and to review and challenge the conventional interpretations of its significance. The selections explore the U.S. governmen

Author: Michelle Malkin
Publisher: Regnery Press
Keywords: war, world, terror, profiling, racial, internment, case, defense
Number of Pages: 376
Published: 2004-07-01
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 0895260514
ISBN-13: 9780895260512

The author of Invasion argues that the internment of ethnic Japanese during World War II was the result of real national security concerns, just as the Bush administration’s moves to interrogate, track, and deport suspected terrorists is moderate and restrained.

Authors:Natalie Crouter, Lynn Z. Bloom,
Publisher: Burt Franlin & Co.
Keywords: diary, women, series, american, wartime, record, forbidden, internment
Number of Pages: 546
Published: 1980-05
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0891021051
ISBN-13: 9780891021056
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