Author: Manfred F Kets de Vrie
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Keywords: happiness, success, equation, meditations
Number of Pages: 82
Published: 2007-12-07
List price: $10.95
ISBN-10: 0595458955
ISBN-13: 9780595458950

For most of us, the pursuit of happiness is the ultimate goal of existence: it gives us hope and a reason for living, motivating us to go on in spite of life’s setbacks. In his coaching work with senior executives, Manfred Kets de Vries, concluded that self-knowledge and happiness are inextricably linked and that in the absence of self-knowledge, true happiness will always elude us. He believes that we need to reflect on what is important to us and set our priorities accordingly to be able to live life to the fullest. The Happiness Equation is a stimulating read with inspiring thoughts and id

Author: Vivien Sung
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Keywords: happiness, prosperity, longevity, luck, wealth, concepts, fold, chinese, five
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2002-08-01
List price: $18.95
ISBN-10: 081183526X
ISBN-13: 9780811835268

Surround yourself with lucky objects, the Chinese believe, and good fortune will come to you. In word and image, this exquisite volume-a delight to hold in the hand-explores the bounteous meanings of the five-fold symbols of happiness: luck, prosperity, longevity, happiness, and wealth. Drenched in color and lavishly illustrated from ancient and modern sources, Five-Fold Happiness interweaves both Chinese and English text. Peaches, the number eight, the imperial color of gold, a cat with one paw beckoning, or the dragon dance-here are some of the familiar images now revealed in their rich sign

Author: Will Ferguson
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Keywords: novel, happiness
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2003-06-01
List price: $13.95
ISBN-10: 006052510X
ISBN-13: 9780060525101

Why would there be a contract out on Edwin de Valu’s life? Edwin -- the wiry low-level editor at Panderic Press. Why has rage disappeared from the roads and McDonald’s gone alfalfa? How come everyone seems so damn happy? And most importantly, who, or what, is Tupak Soiree? When an enormous self-help manuscript lands on Edwin’s desk, it’s headed for the trash. Edwin’s cynicism of self-help books, coupled with his filthy mood that morning, results in him dismissing Tupak Soiree’s What I Learned on the Mountain and using it as a doorstop. However, Tupak

Author: Osho
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Keywords: comes, happiness, joy
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2008-01-08
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 031253857X
ISBN-13: 9780312538576

In this seventh book in the popular Insights for a New Way of Living series, Osho examines the nature of joy from a radically different perspective. With an artful mix of compassion and humor, Osho shows us that joy is the essence of life, that even unhappiness has its root in joy. Osho encourages us to accept joy by being grateful to be alive and for the challenges and opportunities in life, and by finding the good in all that we have--rather than setting conditions or demands for happiness. By embracing joy, one comes closer to a true, peaceful, and balanced state.Joy: The Happiness That

Author: Nel Nodding
Publisher: Cambridge University Pre
Keywords: education, happiness
Number of Pages: 316
Published: 2003-07-07
List price: $41.99
ISBN-10: 0521807638
ISBN-13: 9780521807630

When parents are asked what they want for their children, they usually answer that they want their children to be happy. Why, then, is happiness rarely mentioned as a goal of education? This book explores what we might teach if we were to take happiness seriously as a goal of education. It asks, first, what it means to be happy and, second, how we can help children to understand it. It notes that we have to develop a capacity for unhappiness and a willingness to alleviate the suffering of others to be truly happy. Criticizing our current almost exclusive emphasis on economic well-being and ple

Author: Gregory R. Wille
Publisher: Cedar Fort Inc.
Keywords: happiness
Number of Pages: 136
Published: 2008-08-15
List price: $10.99
ISBN-10: 0882909509
ISBN-13: 9780882909509

What is the one thing that all people want more than any other? To be happy. Happiness consists of a number of positive emotions, ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and a fulness of joy. In Happiness 101, Greg Wille describes eighteen principles to increase your feelings of happiness. Wille explains how improving your health, getting out of debt, increasing your self-esteem, and increasing peace and Christlike love in your life will also increase your happiness. We will be far happier living eternally in God’s presence than we could be anywhere else. Happiness 101 is a be

Author: Chris Prentiss
Publisher: Power Pr
Keywords: happiness, art, zen
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 2006-06-28
List price: $10.95
ISBN-10: 0943015537
ISBN-13: 9780943015538

Cutting-edge science and spirituality tell us that what we believe, think, and feel actually determine the makeup of our body at the cellular level. In Zen and the Art of Happiness, you will learn how to think and feel so that what you think and feel creates happiness and vibrancy in your life rather than gloominess or depression. You ll learn how to adapt to life s inevitable changes, how to deal with stress in a healthy way, and how to nurture a mindful happiness in your daily life. Most importantly, the gentle wisdom of Zen and the Art of Happiness will show you how to invite magnificent ex
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