Author: Louis J Bartolomeo
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Keywords: gospel, biography, expanded
Number of Pages: 709
Published: 2006-11-17
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0741437082
ISBN-13: 9780741437082

Our gospels relate the story of a Jesus who was born and then circumcised on the eight day. Then he vanishes, reappearing at the age of 13 for his first Jerusalem Passover. Here he confounds the elders in the temple while terrifying his parents who fear him lost. He then disappears for an even longer time, reemerging for his baptism and the selection of his team. What happened in the intervening years? This book fills in the gaps, year by year. This expanded biography will hold you spellbound as you discover in detail the matchless personality and loving character of God incarnated as man,

Author: Bryan Chapell
Publisher: Crossway Books
Keywords: gospel, booklets, coalition
Number of Pages: 32
Published: 2011-03-02
List price: $3.99
ISBN-10: 1433526751
ISBN-13: 9781433526756

Author: Brian J. Incigneri
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: gospel, interpretation, series, biblical, rhetoric, romans, setting, mark
Number of Pages: 440
Published: 2003-05
List price: $257.00
ISBN-10: 9004131086
ISBN-13: 9789004131088

This book proposes that Mark’s Gospel was written in Rome in late 71 after the return of the feared Titus who had recently destroyed the Jerusalem Temple. Recognising that the use of emotional appeals was a prime contemporary rhetorical tool, it shows the Gospel to be an emotionally-charged text aimed at readers traumatised by years of persecution, fear of arrest and intra-community tensions over the forgiveness of those who had failed. It examines the political, social and religious situation and shows that the Gospel contains allusions to many recent events of concern to Christians. Ma

Author: Stephen J. Patterso
Publisher: Trinity Press International
Keywords: gospel, comes, thomas, fifth
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 1998-11-01
List price: $23.95
ISBN-10: 1563382490
ISBN-13: 9781563382499

Author: Robert L. Short
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Keywords: gospel, according, peanuts
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 2000-01-01
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 0664222226
ISBN-13: 9780664222222

Author: Kyle Keefer
Publisher: T. & T. Clark Publishers
Keywords: gospel, new, testament, studies, library, fourth, john, reception, branches, church
Number of Pages: 118
Published: 2006-11-30
List price: $120.00
ISBN-10: 0567028615
ISBN-13: 9780567028617

In The Branches of the Gospel of John, Keefer presents a new paradigm for understanding the role of history of interpretation in New Testament studies, with a focus on the Gospel of John. Drawing largely from the work of Hans Robert Jauss, he presents history of interpretation as a means to understand both the text and the historical reader. Jauss’s concept of Rezeptionsästhetik helps the New Testament scholar to reflect upon both text and history in a new light. John is an exemplary work to investigate along these lines because no other canonical book was as provocative in the early ch

Author: Douglas Estes
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: gospel, biblical, john, interpretation, series, relativity, hermeneutical, mechanics, fourth, theory, temporal
Number of Pages: 326
Published: 2008-03-30
List price: $177.00
ISBN-10: 9004165983
ISBN-13: 9789004165984
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