Author: James E. Davi
Publisher: Indiana University Pre
Keywords: frontier, appalachian, trans, history, illinois
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2000-06-01
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0253214068
ISBN-13: 9780253214065

"A comprehensive, readable history of this distinctive prairie state before the Civil War. . . . This deft synthesis of existing knowledge is likely to become the standard modern history of Illinois." --Kirkus Reviews " . . . an incisive portrait of prairie society." --Choice "Extensively researched, and with excellent endnotes, Frontier Illinois is an important study. A lively account of how the frontier gave shape to the later state, it questions traditional stereotypes of the West and offers a new outlook as to the real nature of the Illinois frontier." --Journal of the Early Republic In th

Author: Ed Gilbert
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Keywords: frontier, warrior, southwestern, war, militiaman
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 2008-09-23
List price: $18.95
ISBN-10: 184603275X
ISBN-13: 9781846032752

"He who relies on militia leans upon a broken cane." (George Washington)The great military effectiveness of semi-trained local militia is one of the enduring myths of American military history. In this book Ed Gilbert reveals the truth behind this myth. Quoting from memoirs of men like Sam Dale, Sam Houston, and rare histories, he sheds light on who these frontier men actually were. He chronicles how militiamen, ranging from hard-working farmers to politicians like Davy Crockett, were transformed through hard campaigning, fierce combat, and Andrew Jackson’s equally fierce discipline, int

Author: Robert M. Utley
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
Keywords: frontier, american, histories, indian
Number of Pages: 345
Published: 2003-10-30
List price: $26.95
ISBN-10: 0826329985
ISBN-13: 9780826329981

First published in 1984, Robert Utley’s The Indian Frontier of the American West, 1846-1890, is considered a classic for both students and scholars. For this revision, Utley includes scholarship and research that has become available in recent years.

Author: Peter David
Publisher: Star Trek
Keywords: new, frontier, trek, star
Number of Pages: 694
Published: 1998-02-01
List price: $15.00
ISBN-10: 0671019783
ISBN-13: 9780671019785

These are the voyages of the Starship "Excalibur", carrying on the Star Trek tradition with a new cast of characters. They include Mackenzie Calhoun, the scarred, alien captain; Commander Shelby, the ambitious first officer (and Calhoun’s former lover); and Dr Selar, the Vulcan physician.

Author: Elliott West
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
Keywords: frontier, histories, series, american, western, country, childhood, growing
Number of Pages: 367
Published: 1989-09-01
List price: $26.95
ISBN-10: 0826311555
ISBN-13: 9780826311559

Historians have paid little attention to the lives and contributions of children who took part in westward expansion. In this major study of American childhood, now available again in paperback, Elliott West explores how children helped shape--and in turn were shaped by--the frontier experience. Frontier children’s first vivid perceptions of the new country, when deepened by their work, play, and exploration, forged a stronger bond with their surroundings than that of their elders. Through diaries, journals, letters, novels, and oral and written reminiscences, West has reconstructed the

Author: Sandra L. Myres
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
Keywords: frontier, american, histories, experience, westering, women
Number of Pages: 387
Published: 1982-10-01
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0826306268
ISBN-13: 9780826306265

Professor Myres gives frontier women a voice they never had. She uses extensive new material by and about women—letters, journals, and reminiscences from over 400 collections— to study the impact of the frontier on women’s lives and the role of women in the West. She offers a major reinterpretation of the experience of pioneer women, including that of Indian, Mexican, French, black, and Anglo-American women. The account recreates in detail the frontier experience of all these women, beginning with their physical and intellectual responses to the trek West, and concluding with their strug

Author: Stephen Aro
Publisher: Indiana University Pre
Keywords: frontier, history, trans, appalachian, state, borderland, confluence, missouri, american, border
Number of Pages: 328
Published: 2005-11-10
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0253346916
ISBN-13: 9780253346919

In the heart of North America, the Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers come together, uniting waters from west, north, and east on a journey to the south. This is the region that Stephen Aron calls the "American Confluence." His innovative book examines the history of that region--a home to the Osage, a colony exploited by the French, a new frontier explored by Lewis and Clark. Aron focuses on the region’s transition from a place of overlapping borderlands to one of oppositional Border States. American Confluence is a lively account that should delight amateur and professional histori
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