Author: Larry Jordan
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Keywords: final, pro, faster, smarter, skills, power, work
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2009-10-25
List price: $39.99
ISBN-10: 0321646908
ISBN-13: 9780321646903

You have the basics of Final Cut Pro down and now you need to work faster and more efficiently in the program. With over 600 focused techniques and shortcuts, this book gives you what you need to know to blaze through your projects and work smarter in Final Cut Pro. In Final Cut Pro Power Skills, you’ll learn everything from organizing and setting up your workspace to uncovering secrets for editing and effects work to color-correction speed techniques, and more. You’ll learn about Final Cut Pro 7’s new features including new ProRes formats, which allows faster and higher qual

Author: H.M. Treasury [and] Cabinet Office
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)
Keywords: final, report, regeneration, economic, social, role, third, sector, future
Number of Pages: 102
Published: 2007-07-24
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0101718926
ISBN-13: 9780101718929

Author: A.J. Greene
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Keywords: stage, final
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 2006-10-12
List price: $14.50
ISBN-10: 1425949169
ISBN-13: 9781425949167

Out in the deserts of Arizona, an explosion is heard. Somewhere in the dry land lies a deep and burning crater where a National Defense outpost was said to be. Out of the smoke walks a young boy covered in blood. Walking calmly through the tattered remains of maybe a hundred people, a satisfied grin comes to his face as he stretches out his arms and lets the sun hit his body. This is the site of Project Final Stage, and its main subject has just escaped.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)

Author: David E. Meadows
Publisher: Berkley
Keywords: final
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2008-05-06
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 0425221172
ISBN-13: 9780425221174

THE ALL-NEW SUBMARINE ACTION SERIESIn the Cold War, nuclear submarines lead the fight. But the USS Squallfish is one of the old school—as is her skipper, Captain Chad Shipley. While on a routine patrol, he is ordered to infiltrate the heart of the Soviet Northern Fleet to spy upon the enemy’s nuclear sub capabilities. But the first Soviet nuclear sub is already under way, and has found its first prey—the Squallfish.

Author: P.F. Kluge
Publisher: XOXOX Press
Keywords: exam, final
Number of Pages: 252
Published: 2005-03
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 1880977133
ISBN-13: 9781880977132

Author: Paul Janet
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC
Keywords: causes, final
Number of Pages: 548
Published: 2004-07-26
List price: $42.95
ISBN-10: 1417938722
ISBN-13: 9781417938728

1891. With Preface by Robert Flint. Paul Janet, French philosopher and writer, was a follower of Victor Cousin, and through him of Georg Hegel. His principal work, Theorie de la morale, owes much to Kant.

Author: Arthur Hailey
Publisher: DoubleDay
Keywords: diagnosis, final
Number of Pages: 348
Published: 1969-06
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 0385035888
ISBN-13: 9780385035880
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