Author: Jennifer Lipsey
Publisher: Lark Books
Keywords: favorite, art, horses, books, love, book, draw
Number of Pages: 48
Published: 2008-07-01
List price: $9.95
ISBN-10: 1600591523
ISBN-13: 9781600591525

A new entry in the acclaimed series! These bright, beautifully designed pages explode with ideas and instructions to help kids draw what they love most: all kinds of different horses in action. The left page of each spread guides budding artists through the whole process of drawing a special horse, from mane to tail, while the right side presents the animal in a setting, so children are inspired to expand their horizons and create complete imaginative pictures. And because there’s only minimal text, even pre-readers can follow along. With everything from a sweet mare and a cute colt to a str

Author: Pamela Chanko
Publisher: Teaching Resources
Keywords: favorite, develop, concepts, basic, vocabulary, explore, topics, science, introduce, activities, ehlert, lois, books, engaging, building, skill, teaching
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 2005-08-01
List price: $11.99
ISBN-10: 0439597196
ISBN-13: 9780439597197

Invite children into the colorful world of this popular author-illustrator—and build literacy—with learning activities like Red & Yellow Leaf Murals, Eating-the-Alphabet Taste Test, and Planting-a-Rainbow Seed Sort. Includes a profile of the author, before- and after-reading discussion ideas, plus hands-on activities and reproducibles that build skills across the curriculum.

Authors:Will Rogers, Reba Neighbors Collins, Gregory N. Mala
Publisher: Council Oak Books
Keywords: rogers, quotations, favorite, follies, special, staff, selected, says, memorial
Number of Pages: 86
Published: 1992-11
List price: $11.95
ISBN-10: 0963288210
ISBN-13: 9780963288219

Read by the most sophisticated audiences in the world, Will Rogers also spoke to and for the great normal majority. He tackled the most complex ideas and cut them down to size. A flying reporter, he traveled the world and wrote about events as if they were happening in the next country. Since the Will Rogers Memorial opened in November 1938, many of the 25 million visitors to the shrine have asked for his "gags," his jokes or his "sayings." Thousands of other folks have written to ask what Rogers had to say on particular topics -what sage remarks he made on Hoover, taxes, the depression or

Author: Patrick M. Liebergen
Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company
Keywords: favorite, solo, singers, classics, low, voice, book, medium, amp, recitals, sacred, worship, concerts, contests
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 1995-07
List price: $30.95
ISBN-10: 0739015567
ISBN-13: 9780739015568

This versatile collection contains 18 songs for solo voice and piano appropriate for recitals, concerts, contests and worship services. Includes songs by J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak, Mendelssohn, Mozart and more!

Authors:Victor Mason, Trina Bohan-Tyrie,
Publisher: Periplus Editions
Keywords: stories, favorite, children, balinese
Number of Pages: 96
Published: 2001-11-01
List price: $16.95
ISBN-10: 9625934405
ISBN-13: 9789625934402

Author: Graham Round
Publisher: Candle Books
Keywords: favorite, stories, sticker, bible, books, book, moses
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2001-05-30
List price: $4.99
ISBN-10: 0825472202
ISBN-13: 9780825472206

A fun, follow-the-story activity booklet that teach through active involvement. Seventy reusable stickers, pictures to be colored, verses to look up, and hidden pictures to find make these activity booklets an exciting way to follow Bible stories.

Author: From the Editors of Good Housekeeping
Publisher: Hearst
Keywords: favorite, recipes, housekeeping, pies, bars, cakes, bake, cookies
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2004-10-01
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 1588164101
ISBN-13: 9781588164100

Good Housekeeping and baking go together like cookies and milk: the sales prove it. This new collection of 150 delicious desserts will become the home baker’s favorite—and her lucky family’s too!With 50,000 copies of Good Housekeeping Baking sold, it’s clear that the editors of Good Housekeeping know how to bake up a successful cookbook. They’re sure to do it again with Bake It! Favorite Good Housekeeping Recipes, a tasty compilation of 150 of the magazine’s best desserts. Attractively sized in the Good Housekeeping Blend It! format, this all-in-color hardcover has a concealed spir
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