Author: Kevin Crossley
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Keywords: fantasy, professional, looking, artwork, own, need, clip, art, everything, create
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2007-06-01
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0740765523
ISBN-13: 9780740765520

It’s estimated the fantasy market has over nine million consumers. Fantasy enthusiasts who yearn to create their own alternate realities can do so easily with this indispensable resource. This book-and-CD combo provides high-resolution clip art and digital instruction allowing users to create personalized artwork.Well-known fantasy artist Kevin Crossley created art for the CD. Weapons, characters, equipment, and landscapes are all included in a variety of customizable styles.

Author: Denise Little
Publisher: DAW
Keywords: fantasy, daw, anthology, girls, sirens, hags
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2006-07-05
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 0756403693
ISBN-13: 9780756403690

From hags and harpies to sorceresses and sirens, this volume features twenty all-new tales that prove women are far from the weaker sex-in all their alluring, magical, and monstrous roles.

Author: Elyce Rae Helford
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Keywords: fantasy, fiction, television, science, new, girls, gender, universe
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2000-05-30
List price: $44.95
ISBN-10: 0847698351
ISBN-13: 9780847698356

A new collection on women in American television in the 90s uncovers a cultural obsession with tough yet sexy heroines in mythical pasts, the "girl power" present, and utopic futures. Xena, Buffy, Sabrina, and a host of other characters have become household words, as well as icons of pop culture ’feminism.’ Their popularity makes for successful programming, however, how much does this trend truly represent a contemporary feminist breakthrough? And what does it mean for feminism in the next few decades? "Fantasy Girls: Navigating the New Universe of Science Fiction and Fantasy Tele

Author: Dick Jude
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Keywords: fantasy, show, work, artists, science, art, masters, fiction
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 1999-10-01
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0823016366
ISBN-13: 9780823016365

The brightest talents in fantasy, horror, and science fiction art present their favorite creations in show-and-tell interviews that reveal the inspirations and techniques that guide their spectacular work. From the lyrical Tolkien landscapes of John Howe and Alan Lee to the computer-generated art of Steve Stone and Fred Gambino and the extraordinary sci-fi images of Jim Burns, the book demonstrates the diversity of this popular genre of illustrative art. Whether they work in watercolor, acrylics, airbrush, or manipulation of photographs or computer graphics, the artists take readers behind the

Author: SFX; Fantasy
Publisher: Lulu
Keywords: fantasy, sfx, warriors
Number of Pages: 120
Published: 2006-10-09
List price: $19.90
ISBN-10: 1430309571
ISBN-13: 9781430309574

A gripping love story of elite warriors Jake and Sarah in a world tormented by dark beasts. Divide and conquer. The enemy’s strategy appears to work when the four most powerful elite warriors are trapped separately in different worlds, each oblivious to his or her past. Sarah alone, being the newest and presumably weakest of the elites was ignored by the dark warriors. The Academy, barely having recovered from the recent massacre is forced to fend off an invasion without their elite warriors. Evan is forced to make a decision that would change his life forever. A final confro

Authors:Lori M. Campbell, Donald E. Palumbo, C. W., III Sulli
Publisher: McFarland
Keywords: fantasy, critical, explorations, science, fiction, literary, power, magical, agency, transformation, portals
Number of Pages: 226
Published: 2010-01-11
List price: $35.00
ISBN-10: 0786446455
ISBN-13: 9780786446452

Fantasy writing, like literature in general, provides a powerful vehicle for challenging the status quo. Via symbolism, imagery and supernaturalism, fantasy constructs secondary-world narratives that both mirror and critique the political paradigms of our own world. This critical work explores the role of the portal in fantasy, investigating the ways in which magical nexus points and movement between worlds are used to illustrate real-world power dynamics, especially those impacting women and children. Through an examination of high and low fantasy, fairy tales, children’s literature, th

Author: Steve Miller
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Keywords: fantasy, fantastic, comics, creatures, draw, freaks
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2004-06-01
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0823016625
ISBN-13: 9780823016624

Devoted to the serious depictions of anthropomorphic characters, Freaks! covers the entire range of animal people and explores all its possibilities. Hundreds of illustrations depict subjects that include basic human and animal anatomies, cat people, dog people, wolf people, feathered freaks, bat people, reptilian creatures, predators of the deep, primates, insect people, elephant man, rhino man, hippo lady, and much more. This drawing guide demonstrates the wide range of this popular genre of illustrative art and the techniques needed to create these fantastic fantasy creatures. Artists will
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