Author: Graham Berridge
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinema
Keywords: events, management, design, experience
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2007-03-06
List price: $53.95
ISBN-10: 0750664533
ISBN-13: 9780750664530

For the first time Events Design and Experience draws together the relationship between event design and the experience of consumers and participants. It explores and analyses the event experience of the individual and how this can be ’controlled’ by design.By drawing upon ongoing research conducted over several years into the experiences of groups and individuals who attend events this text will ask questions such as: What was the rationale behind a particular event being designed in a certain way? What was the actual experience of consumers? How was the event materially delivered

Authors:Joe Goldblatt, Frank Supovitz,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: events, business, special, succeed, dollars, amp
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 1999-03-02
List price: $75.00
ISBN-10: 0471249572
ISBN-13: 9780471249573

Special events management is a multifaceted subject, demanding expertise in a range of areas—from event planning and management, consulting, and production, to lighting, sound, entertainment, decor, and catering. This book is the first complete, integrated guide on how to start, develop, and manage a profitable special events-related business.

Author: Donald Getz
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinema
Keywords: events, planned, management, policy, research, studies, theory, event
Number of Pages: 520
Published: 2007-07-25
List price: $54.95
ISBN-10: 0750669594
ISBN-13: 9780750669597

Many books exist on various aspects of event management, reflecting growing academic and professional interest, but there has not been a book written on Event Studies until now. As the event management field expands, there is a growth in demand for advanced texts, particularly with a multidisciplinary research and theoretical orientation. Event Studies is the first text to embrace this new direction in the field of event management providing:* Students and practitioners with an explanation of why planned events are important from a social/cultural, economic and environmental perspective.* Read

Authors:Guy Masterman, Emma H Wood,
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinema
Keywords: events, industry, management, strategies, marketing, communications, innovative
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2005-11-02
List price: $60.95
ISBN-10: 0750663618
ISBN-13: 9780750663618

Innovative Marketing Communications for Events Management provides students and event managers with a complete insight into the strategic and innovative marketing of events of all scales and nature. The book builds a conceptual framework for the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of innovative communication strategies for the marketing of events, and the effective use of events as an innovative communications method in general organizational marketing.With a strong practical underpinning, Innovative Marketing Communications for Events Management emphasises to event managers t

Authors:Tony Rogers, Rob Davidson,
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Keywords: events, business, management, conventions, conferences, destinations, venues, marketing
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 2006-06-09
List price: $61.95
ISBN-10: 0750667001
ISBN-13: 9780750667005

Marketing Destinations and Venues for Conferences, Conventions and Business Events covers key areas in marketing and promotion, such as:* Trends and issues in destination and venue marketing* Strategic marketing planning, ROI and strategy evaluation* Destination and venue selling strategies* Future challenges, opportunities and supply-side developments * Author commentary and international case studies identifies ’best practice’ in marketing and promotion * Pulls together in one volume the latest ideas, research, and current and future trends

Author: Judy Allen
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: events, galas, fundraising, conferences, conventions, special, incentives, corporate, ultimate, planning, guide, successful, meetings, event
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 2009-02-06
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 0470155744
ISBN-13: 9780470155745

For event planners, there’s no such thing as a dress rehearsal! Any event you plan and stage is a reflection of your organization’s image — from the initial invitation to onsite operations. Whether you’re planning a product launch, conference, sales meeting, an incentive event, or a gala fund-raiser, remember that the magic of a truly memorable event is in the details, but so is the devil. Whether your event is for 50 or 2,000 people, whether it has a budget of a few thousand dollars, or hundreds of thousands, it has to be perfect. Fully revised and updated, Event Planning,

Author: Lynn Van der Wagen
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Keywords: management, events, workforce, event, managing, human, resource
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2006-10-03
List price: $58.95
ISBN-10: 0750669985
ISBN-13: 9780750669986

Human Resource Management for Events is the first text to cover management of human resources in the event environment. Linking theory, research and application it covers the differing and various types of event in which human resource management is key, such as: * Business Events - a vast sector including events people who manage conferences, exhibitions, incentive trips and individual business travel. * Sporting Events - this sector includes sporting events ranging from the Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup, Soccer World Cup, Tour de France, Grand Prix to many smaller, local sporting events. *
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