Authors:C. A. M. Hermans, Mary Elizabeth Moore,
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: theology, empirical, der, studies, van, ven, contribution, research, practical, hermeneutics, johannes
Number of Pages: 408
Published: 2005-02-19
List price: $160.00
ISBN-10: 9004142088
ISBN-13: 9789004142084

There is a growing consensus among scholars in different countries about the object of practical theology. Hans van der Ven has contributed much to this consensus through his writings on the foundations of practical theology, the empirical paradigm within practical theology, and specific subdisciplines within practical theology, especially religious education, moral education, church development and ministry. At the center of this growing consensus is an understanding of the independent hermeneutical role of religious experiences and practices of people in the process of theological theory-bui

Author: Calif.) Workshop on Empirical Studies of Programme
Publisher: Ablex Pu
Keywords: empirical, workshop, fifth, programmers, studies, interaction, series, computer, papers, presented, december, human
Number of Pages: 231
Published: 1993-10-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1567500897
ISBN-13: 9781567500899

This volume looks at the obvious trend in the computing evolution from studies of student programmers and toward studies of "real programmers" performing real programming tasks. The percentage of student and professional programmers in the studies reported in papers presented at ESP 1 and ESP 5 has nearly flip-flopped. There is now an emphasis on the practical application of the research results both in industry and in academia. The papers and posters of this workshop include a range of programming language paradigms beyond the procedural paradigm: functional, logic, visual, object oriented an

Authors:Johannes A. Van Der Ven, Michael Scherer-Rath,
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: theology, empirical, studies, research, normativity
Number of Pages: 315
Published: 2004-11-30
List price: $138.00
ISBN-10: 9004126635
ISBN-13: 9789004126633

Authors:Carl Bache, Hans Basboll, Carl-Erik Lindberg,
Publisher: de Gruyter Mouton
Keywords: language, typology, empirical, approaches, vol, theoretical, aspect, action, tense, contributions
Number of Pages: 428
Published: 1994-09
List price: $73.00
ISBN-10: 311012713X
ISBN-13: 9783110127133

Author: John E. Paver
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing
Keywords: theology, practical, pastoral, empirical, explorations, integration, reflection, education, ministry, search, theological
Number of Pages: 180
Published: 2006-11
List price: $110.00
ISBN-10: 075465754X
ISBN-13: 9780754657545

A major and continuing problem for theological education and the practice of Christian ministry is how to best achieve a genuine integration between theory and practice, theology and experience. The key claim of this book is that theological reflection, beginning with experience, is a method of integration and that pastoral supervision is a vehicle for theological reflection. In establishing this claim, John Paver demonstrates that the model and method have potential to be a catalyst for reform within theological colleges and seminaries. Three different theological reflection models are develo

Authors:Mathew Guest, Karin Tusting, Linda Woodhead,
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing
Keywords: practical, pastoral, empirical, theology, explorations, context, studies, christianity, post, christian, congregational
Number of Pages: 223
Published: 2004-08-30
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 075463289X
ISBN-13: 9780754632894

This book presents the first comprehensive introduction to congregational studies in the UK. Through a series of innovative essays, it explores the difference that the increasingly post-Christian nature of British society is making to life in Christian congregations, and compares this to the very different scenario which exists in the USA. Contributions from leading scholars in the field include rich case studies of local communities and theoretical analyses which reflect on issues of method and develop broader understandings. Congregational studies is revealed as a rich and growing fiel

Authors:David Day, Jeff Astley, Leslie J. Francis,
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Ltd
Keywords: pastoral, empirical, theology, practical, explorations, preaching, making, connections, reader
Number of Pages: 291
Published: 2005-02-28
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 075465009X
ISBN-13: 9780754650096

Every Sunday all over the world people rise up and claim to speak in the name of God. It is an astonishing thing to do and an astonishing claim to make. It is small wonder that the sermon has been the focus of debate, discussion and investigation. It has been dismissed as irrelevant in today’s culture and has become the butt of numerous jokes and caricatures. Yet the claim persists that these human words in some way can become God’s message to these hearers. This collection of twenty-nine articles by international experts in the area of homiletics coincides with the revival of inte
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