Authors:John Abram, Paul Hawkes,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: customer, driven, management, seven, myths
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 2003-08-22
List price: $70.00
ISBN-10: 047085880X
ISBN-13: 9780470858806

In this lively and readable book, the authors argue that in recent years far too much has been made of customer satisfaction, and that this has come at the expense of hard-edged consumerism. Whether or not "the customer is king," the first rule of business is to make money. Pragmatic and practical, the book destroys seven key myths about customer management that have gained almost folkloric status, and provides a step-by-step action plan for linking customer service with commercial goals.

Author: Shep Hyken
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: customer, satisfied, customers, evangelists, turns, experience, create, amazing, cult
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2009-04-06
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0470404825
ISBN-13: 9780470404829

In today’s competitive business climate, you can’t just satisfy your customers. You have to be better than that, giving them experiences that they won’t forget. Author Shep Hyken has spent twenty-five years studying great companies and the evangelists they create. In The Cult of the Customer, Hyken shows how to design a strategy that leads both customers and employees through five distinct cultural phases – from "uncertainty" to "amazement." By presenting dozens of case studies that show how great companies made this journey, Hyken identifies the critical internal and

Authors:Nigel Hill, Greg Roche & Rachel Allen,
Publisher: Cogent Publishing
Keywords: customer, eyes, satisfaction, experience
Number of Pages: 314
Published: 2007-09-01
List price: $50.00
ISBN-10: 0955416116
ISBN-13: 9780955416118

Public and private sector organisations increasingly understand that meeting or exceeding the requirements of their customers is their most important objective. In the private sector there is an abundance of evidence from Harvard Business School and others that customer satisfaction and loyalty account for the biggest difference between the most and least successful companies in most markets. In public sector, most organisations are tasked by Government to provide a high quality of service to their customers. To monitor their success, most organisations conduct customer satisfaction surveys,

Authors:Marty Seldman, John Futterknecht, Ben Sorensen,
Publisher: Kaplan Business
Keywords: customer, reading, signs, signals, service, class, tells, delivering, world
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2007-04-03
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 1419596098
ISBN-13: 9781419596094

What trait do championship poker players and world-class customer service professionals have in common? The ability to reliably read people.  Customer Tells, the innovative new book by bestselling author Dr. Marty Seldman, focuses on the key concept of the “tell,” the ability to read mannerisms, to understand what people mean but are not saying, and to respond accordingly. In poker, the “tell” means knowing the cards a competitor holds; in customer service, it means understanding the customer’s subtle ways of communicating how they want to be treated, even if they can’t articulate

Author: Sarah Cook
Publisher: Kogan Page
Keywords: customer, care, effective, excellence, create, focus
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2008-03-28
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 0749450665
ISBN-13: 9780749450663

Customer loyalty is essential to the long term financial success of a business, but with more choice than ever before, customers today have high expectations of products and services. Businesses need a top-notch customer services system in place, and Customer Care Excellence explains how to achieve just that.   In clear, practical language, this book explains how to develop and sustain a customer-service focus within a company. Emphasizing both strategic and practical aspects of customer care, Customer Care Excellence explains how gaining customer commitment and motivating employees to deli

Author: Robert Gordman
Publisher: Truman Talley Books
Keywords: customer, haven, steps, winning
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2006-04-18
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0312351690
ISBN-13: 9780312351694

For almost forty years, Robert Gordman has been a successful business leader and consultant. In The Must-Have Customer, Gordman shares the same insights and strategies he has used to help dozens of companies---companies whose sales range from $10 million to $80 billion---achieve sustained, profitable growth. The Must-Have Customer will show you how to keep your best customers (the ones who got you where you are today) and how to identify, attract, and forge long-lasting relationships with the customers you don t have---the ones who will take your company to the next level. Each chapter contain

Author: Michael D. Basch
Publisher: FT Press
Keywords: customer, day, first, fedex, culture, companies
Number of Pages: 304
Published: 2003-06-29
List price: $13.99
ISBN-10: 0131303201
ISBN-13: 9780131303201

Many people have written about creating customer-centered organizations. Michael Basch actually did it--better than anyone else. He was the co-founder of Federal Express, and the VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. He built the systems, created the processes and developed the culture that made FedEx the legend it still is today in customer management and support. CustomerCulture is about consciously building the customer-centered organization where every employee is focused on serving their customers for sustained, profitable growth over the long haul... and it is now available in pap
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