Authors:Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: cultures, volume, world, topics, women, sex, gender, men, encyclopedia
Number of Pages: 1037
Published: 2003-12-31
List price: $509.00
ISBN-10: 030647770X
ISBN-13: 9780306477706

In many animal species, one can hardly tell the difference between females and males. Their size, coloring, and behavior may be so similar that even experts cannot readily tell the difference until they are ready to reproduce. In contrast, human females and males differ not only in secondary sexual characteristics, but they also generally exhibit differences in height, weight, and ratio of muscle to fat. Given the reproductive differences, as well as differences in appearance between males and females, it is hardly surprising that most, if not all societies conceive of females and males as imp

Author: Helaine Selin
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: cultures, non, nature, science, western, across, history, environment, views
Number of Pages: 496
Published: 2003-12-31
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 1402012357
ISBN-13: 9781402012358

Nature Across Cultures: Views of Nature and the Environment in Non-Western Cultures consists of about 25 essays dealing with the environmental knowledge and beliefs of cultures outside of the United States and Europe. In addition to articles surveying Islamic, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Indian, Thai, and Andean views of nature and the environment, among others, the book includes essays on Environmentalism and Images of the Other, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Worldviews and Ecology, Rethinking the Western/non-Western Divide, and Landscape, Nature, and Culture.

Author: Peter O. Stummer Christopher Balme
Publisher: Rodopi Bv Editio
Keywords: cultures, cross, fusion
Number of Pages: 332
Published: 1996-01-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 9042000430
ISBN-13: 9789042000438

The intention of this second volume of ASNEL Papers is to counter orthodox post-colonial emphases on "alterity", "subversion", and "counter-discourse" with another set of concepts: fusion, syncretism, hybridity, creolisation, cross-fertilisation, cross-cultural identity, diaspora. Topics covered include: gender and identity; syncretic aesthetics in Nigerian and South African performing arts; "hyphenated identities" in diasporic fiction; reversals of colonial mimicry in Ugandan fiction; cultural reflexivity in the Victorian juvenile novel; the persistence of colonial traits in Zimbabwean war fi

Authors:Petra Rudiger, Konrad Gro,
Publisher: Rodopi
Keywords: cultures, cross, translation
Number of Pages: 322
Published: 2009-06-10
List price: $99.20
ISBN-10: 9042025964
ISBN-13: 9789042025967

Perhaps more than in any other period in modern history, our globalized present is characterized by a constant interaction of, and exposure to, different peoples, regions, ways of life, traditions, languages, and cultures. Cross-boundary communication today comes in various shapes: as mutual exchange, open dialogue, enforced process, misunderstanding, or even violent conflict. In this situation, ’translation’ has become an inevitable requirement in order to ease the flow of disinterested and unbiased cultural communication. The contributors to this collection approach the subject o

Author: Harry Redner
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Keywords: cultures, local, future, technology, conserving, globalization
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2004-02-13
List price: $32.95
ISBN-10: 0742527344
ISBN-13: 9780742527348

In our technological civilization, the forces of globalization are a threat to both nature and culture. The many and varied cultures of the world are beset by the homogenizing impact of the global media, which represents the triumph of technics. Nature and culture must be protected to preserve a humanly habitable world. Conserving Cultures is the first book to link nature and culture conservation. The threat to nature is now well understood; how it relates to cultures is not. This book both describes and analyzes theoretically the danger to culture and proposes practical remedial measures.

Author: R. Michael Feener
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Keywords: cultures, religion, contemporary, perspectives, comparative, world, islam
Number of Pages: 387
Published: 2004-10-26
List price: $85.00
ISBN-10: 1576075168
ISBN-13: 9781576075166

Contemporary treatments of Islam focus on the Middle East; they treat the beliefs and people of that region as representing all of Islam. At most they emphasize the differences between Muslim groups—Sunni vs. Shia, for instance—while overlooking the even greater differences that result from region-specific cultural and political pressures.Islam in World Cultures gathers the work of ten eminent scholars, each of whom has expertise in the Muslim culture of a particular country or geographical area. Individual chapters explore contemporary developments in the Islamic experience in T

Author: Michael Meyer
Publisher: Rodopi
Keywords: cultures, literatures, cross, postcolonial, colonial, amp, image, word
Number of Pages: 424
Published: 2009-11-05
List price: $130.20
ISBN-10: 9042027436
ISBN-13: 9789042027435

Verbal imagery and visual images as well as the intricate relationships between verbal and visual representations have long shaped the imagination and the practice of intercultural relationships. The contributions to this volume take a fresh look at the ideology of form, especially the gendered and racial implications of the gaze and the voice in various media and intermedial transformations. Analyses of how culturally specific forms of visual and verbal expression are individually understood and manipulated complement reflections on the potential and limitations of representation. The juxtapo
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