Author: Dennis Dworkin
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
Keywords: cultural, studies, post, contemporary, interventions, origins, new, marxism, postwar, britain, history
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 1997-04-16
List price: $23.95
ISBN-10: 0822319144
ISBN-13: 9780822319146

In this intellectual history of British cultural Marxism, Dennis Dworkin explores one of the most influential bodies of contemporary thought. Tracing its development from beginnings in postwar Britain, through its various transformations in the 1960s and 1970s, to the emergence of British cultural studies at Birmingham, and up to the advent of Thatcherism, Dworkin shows this history to be one of a coherent intellectual tradition, a tradition that represents an implicit and explicit theoretical effort to resolve the crisis of the postwar British Left. Limited to neither a single discipline nor

Author: George E. Marcus
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
Keywords: cultural, change, editions, studies, century, documenting, events, producers, perilous, states, editing
Number of Pages: 424
Published: 1997-02-15
List price: $31.00
ISBN-10: 0226504409
ISBN-13: 9780226504407

Ten innovative interviews explore how producers of documentary media—filmmakers, journalists, and artists—located in societies considered marginal to the high-tech global centers respond to local and international audiences in creating their works. We meet a South African playwright who is shaping a distinctive form of activist journalism; a New Guinean producer who manages several media careers; Polish and German filmmakers developing critical documentaries on compromised new orders; a Columbian artist who provides powerful representations of endemic violence in her society; and writers f

Author: Boye Lafayette De Mente
Publisher: Phoenix Books / Publishers
Keywords: amp, cultural, mexican, personality, insight, guide, character, people, factors, think, behave, way, mexicans, created
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 2009-10-13
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 0914778560
ISBN-13: 9780914778561

A Cultural-Inside Guide for Businessmen & Travelers: Mexico’s traditional values and morals were forged in a caldron of aggressive religious intolerance, corruption, racism, male chauvinism, and an elitist political system that connived with the Church to keep ordinary people ignorant and powerless, and deny them the most basic human rights. But the reality of Mexico has always been obscured behind a variety of masks-of piety, pride, courage, gaiety, indifference and stoicism. In this provocative and insightful book internationally known author Boye Lafayette De Mente goes behind the

Author: Luke Taylor
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: cultural, social, studies, anthropology, forms, oxford, land, bark, inside, painting, western, arnhem, seeing
Number of Pages: 304
Published: 1997-01-30
List price: $85.00
ISBN-10: 019823354X
ISBN-13: 9780198233541

Seeing the Inside is the first detailed study of one of the world’s great visual art traditions and its role in the society that produces it. The bark painting of Aboriginal artists in western Arnhem Land is the product of a unique tradition of many thousands of years’ duration. In recent years it has attracted enormous interest in the rest of Australia and beyond, with the result that the artists, who live primarily as hunters in this relatively secluded region of northern Australia, now paint for sale to the world art market. Though the richness and power of Aboriginal arts

Authors:Barbara G. Myerhoff, Andrei Simic,
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Keywords: cultural, cross, research, methodology, old, variations, career, aging, life, growing
Number of Pages: 249
Published: 1979-08-01
List price: $70.95
ISBN-10: 080396000X
ISBN-13: 9780803960008

’The book could open up a fruitful controversy in social gerontology and should become part of the library of every social gerontologist’ -- Contemporary Sociology ’A unique contribution to cross-cultural studies in aging’ -- Choice ’Worthwhile reading for any human service professional dealing with the aged’ -- Social Work

Author: Ted Stripha
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: cultural, studies, institutionalization, vol
Number of Pages: 184
Published: 1998-12-17
List price: $41.95
ISBN-10: 0415184282
ISBN-13: 9780415184281

This special issue of Cultural Studies brings together some of the leading scholars in the field to discuss the discipline itself and its relationship with academia. Articles include: The long march: cultural studies and its institutionalization; So-called cultural studies: dead ends and reinvented wheels; Publishing perils and how to survive them; A special relationship? Cultural studies, academia and pedagogy; A reluctant discipline; Proposal for an MA and Ph. D program in cultural studies at UC Davis; Cultural Studies’ institutional presence: a resource and guide.

Authors:María del Rosario Basterra, Elise Trumbull, Guillerm
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: cultural, culture, teaching, series, language, linguistic, validity, assessment, addressing, diversity
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2010-12-20
List price: $135.00
ISBN-10: 0415999790
ISBN-13: 9780415999793

What is assessment and how is it a cultural practice? How does failure to account for linguistic and cultural variation among students jeopardize assessment validity? What is required to achieve cultural validity in assessment? This resource for practicing and prospective teachers – as well as others concerned with fair and valid assessment – provides a thorough grounding in relevant theory, research, and practice. The book lays out criteria for culturally valid assessment and recommends specific strategies that teachers can use to design and implement culturally valid classroom assessment
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