Author: Patrick Taylor
Publisher: Forge Books
Keywords: irish, country, books, doctor
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2008-01-22
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 0765319950
ISBN-13: 9780765319951

Barry Laverty, M.B., can barely find the village of Ballybucklebo on a map when he first sets out to seek gainful employment there, but already he knows that there is nowhere he would rather live than in the emerald hills and dales of Northern Ireland. The proud owner of a spanking-new medical degree and little else in the way of worldly possessions, Barry jumps at the chance to secure a position as an assistant in a small rural practice.At least until he meets Dr. Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly.The older physician, whose motto is to never let the patients get the upper hand, has his own way of d

Author: Patrick Taylor
Publisher: Forge Books
Keywords: irish, country, books, christmas
Number of Pages: 496
Published: 2008-10-28
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0765320703
ISBN-13: 9780765320704

Barry Laverty, M.B., is looking forward to his first Christmas in the cozy village of Ballybucklebo, at least until he learns that his sweetheart, Patricia, might not be coming home for the holidays. That unhappy prospect dampens his spirits somewhat, but Barry has little time to dwell on his romantic disappointments. Christmas may be drawing nigh, but there is little peace to be found on earth, especially for a young doctor plying his trade in the emerald hills and glens of rural Ireland.Along with his senior partner, Doctor Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly, Barry has his hands full dealing with s

Author: Patrick Taylor
Publisher: Forge Books
Keywords: irish, country, books, girl, novel
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2010-01-05
List price: $24.99
ISBN-10: 0765320711
ISBN-13: 9780765320711

Readers of Patrick Taylor’s books know Mrs. Kinky Kincaid as the unflappable housekeeper who looks after two frequently frazzled doctors in the colourful Irish village of Ballybucklebo. She is a trusted fixture in the lives of those around her, and it often seems as though Kinky has always been there.Nothing could be farther from the truth.Some forty-odd years before and many miles to the south, the girl who would someday be Kinky Kincaid was Maureen O’Hanlon, a farmer’s daughter growing up in the emerald hills and glens of County Cork. A precocious girl on the cusp of womanhood, Mauree

Authors:Coleen Cahill, The Editors of Country Living,
Publisher: Hearst
Keywords: living, rooms, transformations, easy, country
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2005-09-01
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 1588165035
ISBN-13: 9781588165039

Through beautiful and inspirational photographs, Country Living’s team of experts shows how to create a comfortable environment, take advantage of natural views, and incorporate color in the living room--and, as always in the Easy Transformations series, arrows and sidebars make the images interactive and easy to use. Home decorators looking to revive their living rooms will find a special focus on white-on-white rooms, colorful moods, displays, slipcovers, simple storage, and focal points. Want to encourage interaction among family and guests? Move the furniture away from the walls and

Author: World Bank Grou
Publisher: World Bank Publicatio
Keywords: country, memorandum, world, bank, study, economic, ukraine, growth, equity, participatory, restoring
Number of Pages: 207
Published: 1999-12-01
List price: $22.00
ISBN-10: 0821343823
ISBN-13: 9780821343821

Author: Gianni Zanini
Publisher: World Bank Publicatio
Keywords: country, opportunity, crisis, study, series, case, assistance, philippines, review, evaluation
Number of Pages: 57
Published: 1999-01-01
List price: $22.00
ISBN-10: 0821342940
ISBN-13: 9780821342947

Author: World Bank
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: country, bank, world, study, studies, leone, sierra, democracy, development, recent, experience, decentralization
Number of Pages: 184
Published: 2009-07-02
List price: $20.00
ISBN-10: 0821379992
ISBN-13: 9780821379998

The question of whether political, fiscal and administrative decentralization improves government effectiveness is hotly debated among researchers and policymakers. There are theoretical arguments both for and against decentralization, but empirical work is scarce. Decentralization, Democracy and Development: Recent Experience from Sierra Leone is a contribution to this literature. The book also makes a valuable contribution to the debate on whether decentralization is a viable strategy state-building strategy for post-conflict countries. A collection of eight papers written by nine authors
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